SOBUKAN kicks off Tuesday 27th September 2011!

Welcome to the grand opening of SOBUKAN!

SOBUKAN students will learn a range of the most effective Japanese martial arts in a traditional format. The mission of SOBUKAN is to enrich student’s lives by making them feel healthier, happier and safer. Please feel free to come for a chat or a workout on 27th September. All welcome!!

The club opening is on Tuesday 27th September at 6pm for a special two hour class. Please try to arrive at least 10-20 minutes early to meet before class.

There will be no junior (Childrens) class on the first Tuesday 27th. Junior classes will start from 6pm on Thursday 29th September. This is in order to provide time to meet all first time students. Children are welcome to attend to meet and greet on Tuesday, but the class will be structured for adult students.

The regular class times are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at:
Children: 6pm – 6:45pm
Adults: 6:45pm – 8pm.

Mitcham Cultural Village, Mezzanine area (above workshop), corner of Princes Rd & Torrens Street Mitcham. The training area is accessible via stairs only. My apologies to any prospective wheelchair students.

If you own a white martial arts uniform with a white belt – wonderful! If you wish to purchase a uniform, please buy a plain white judo gi (uniform). However, there is no obligation to buy a uniform for the first month. Comfortable exercise clothes are fine.

Visiting instructors attending on the day should please wear their regular uniforms and belts.

Cameras and video cameras are welcome for the opening class, but please obtain Chris’s permission before publishing or uploading any images into the public domain, such as websites, youtube facebook etc.

Bring your friends and family! Please ensure that you have at least 2 litres of water and an open mind. If you have health issues, please inform me before class and bring any medication as required.

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