Night #2

The first kid’s class and second adults class are in the books! I expected three children tonight, but was pleasantly surprised to find 7 eager young students between the ages of 3 and 10, with two more kids watching! Another group of 10 energetic souls participated in the senior class.

The kid’s class focussed on fun and interactivity, with a strong emphasis on self-defence. We mixed up the content, quickly moving between activities to keep the kids engaged without getting bogged down by aiming for perfect technique. We discussed self-defence, rules and safety. We practised pre-emptive strikes and escapes, breakfalls, kicks, hitting bags and everyone took turns wrestling with me! We all had a very fun session.

The adult class really looked the part, almost everyone had a gi, and we had two black belts (from another school) and Shane wore his yellow belt for the first time.

As per the SOBUKAN system, we practiced a range of skills including power generation, strikes, a judo throw, break-falls, escapes from the ground and from multiple attackers, and discussed some important guidelines for self-defence and martial arts, and touched on use of force matrixes. We finished with some visualisation of dangerous situations, which mentally prepares students for the adrenalin dumps experienced in crises and allows them to create contingency plans in advance, should the worst happen.

I have been elated by the energy, enthusiasm, and effort that everyone injected into the classes, both on Tuesday and tonight. I can hardly wait until next Tuesday – I think we will have to consider extra classes soon! Great work everyone!! Otsukaresama desu!!!

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