The Sobukan approach

The Sobukan syllabus has a theme for each belt designed to develop real strength and balance by focussing on eliminating weaknesses. This is obviously the reverse of most traditional martial art schools which tend to concentrate on building great strengths while gaping weaknesses often remain. Eliminating weaknesses will give practitioners real confidence in their abilities to defend themselves, rather than building false confidence which can be downright

Following is the order in which Sobukan students will learn – please focus on your current phase of learning in training:

1. Teach students how to keep safe in training, and avoid dangers;

2. Give them an all-round body of knowledge, and knowledge of the body;

3. Pressure test them in increasing increments against resisting opponents;

4. When obvious weakness have been minimised, build ‘speciality’ techniques that the practitioner feels that they can do real damage and rely on in times of stress;

5. Give additional options rather than just win/survive, such as defending without hurting the opponent, arresting etc;

6. Promote the student to individualise their own learning/system.

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