Bye bye 2011

Himeji Garden Lotus

Congratulations to all the Sobukan students who have achieved their goals in our inaugural year. I hope everyone feels a little healthier, happier and safer. Thank you all for your amazing support. I am extremely proud of you all as well as the achievements of our humble club. In the space of three months, we have had a full page article in Blitz magazine’s 25th anniversary edition, an article in the Sunday Mail and our students have made amazing progress. One student has lost 10 kg, and another overcame a bullying issue. In 6 weeks we achieved my 12 month goal for membership numbers. I can’t wait to see what we achieve in 2012!! 

Chihiro hitting the pinata


Thank you to all who came to the end of year Bonenkai party at Himeji Garden on South Terrace. Awards were given to a number of junior students, including Connor Seifert, who was awarded Junior Student of the Year 2011, and Mika and Marley Tarver, who drew for most improved students.

Yagai geiko – training outside

If we had a similar award for adults, it would be difficult to separate, as there are so many enthusiastic students. However Will Cernev and Dan Sinclair would be at the top of the list with a half a dozen students on their tails. It was great to do some outside training with juniors and seniors together, enjoy Japanese snacks and relax and get to know each other a little better. 

Connor – junior student of the year 2011

The last day of regular classes this year is:

Thursday 22December

The first day of classes in 2012 is:

Tuesday 10 January

In the new year, there will be new class times on Tuesdays and Thursdays:

Small children (up to about 7, depending on maturity level): 6pm – 6:30pm

Older children (7 and up): 6pm – 6:50pm

Adult technique class: 7pm – 8pm

Adult challenge class: 8pm – 8:30pm 

During the break I plan to continue Wednesday lunch-time shooto (MMA) training in the city (Fortus Gym, Kingston St Adelaide) and regular weekend training at the beach or park. 

Grading – Saturday 21 January

The first yellow belt grading will be held on Saturday 21 January from 2-4pm.

Grading tests cost $25, including the belt. Senior yellow belts should invest in large (14-16oz) boxing gloves, a mouthguard and groin cup at a minimum. We will start practicing more interactive drills when students grade. Please review and practice your syllabus material – and good luck students!

For safety’s sake…

In addition to the boxing gloves, a mouthguard and groin cup mentioned above, I strongly encourage students to either wear tabi socks, or tape little fingers and toes while practicing randori or grappling. I broke a toe last week, and I want to ensure that no-one else does the same. Injuries are directly contradictory to our club motto.


We now have Sobukan badges! While not mandatory, these improve the club sense of unity. For $12 you will look the part. Students paying annually will receive one at no cost. 

Seasonal Safety

The first stage of self-defence is avoidance of dangers. Please do not drink and drive, and be careful of others under the influence of alcohol – whether on the road or not. Let’s keep this season joyous. Please keep healthy, happy and safe this Christmas and New Year!


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