Gasshuku short report 合宿 2012

What a crazy week! The 2012 IRKRS Gasshuku was a 5 day training camp with martial artists from 6 countries and many states. It was an amazing experience filled with great personalities and unique training. Hanshi Patrick McCarthy is a larger than life character, a real one of a kind with an incredible knowledge of every aspect of karate and a fountain of martial art knowledge.

The training from 6am – 9:30pm every day: 6-7 no gi grappling 9-12 general class (two person drills, grappling, kobudo, kata, conditioning (hojo undo), kihon, knife fighting, sticks, kakie damashi etc etc) 1-5 general class 7:30-9:30 general class.

I definitely must do that again! I apologise to my students for any inconvenience in my absence, but you are going to love some of these drills! More to come soon…

P.S. It seems that I forgot to mention that I got graded to 1st degree black belt in Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu by Hanshi Patrick McCarthy at the 2012 World Gasshuku.

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