Grading results

On May 27 several students tested for new belts. The grading was probably a little overdue, because everyone performed brilliantly, with most students achieving a passing grade of around 90%!

Congratulations to Shane, Geoff and Julie, who are the first Sobukan orange belts! We have several other yellow belts who are very close to grading as well… Shane has been training with me for a year now, as he started private lessons several months before the establishment of Sobukan Martial Arts. This was a great way to celebrate our first anniversary of training together, and the next step on his journey to black belt.

Our new yellow belts are Nick, the ever enthusiastic and hard-working Raghu, and talented juniors Vasco and Dylan. We have a few other white belts who will not be wearing that colour for very long – watch this space!

Congratulations all!!

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