Martial Art Demonstrations

Sobukan Martial Arts has been invited to conduct two demonstrations in September, and your participation is requested!

On Saturday 15th September at 12:30pm, we will conduct a kid’s karate demonstration at the Japanese Community School (日本語補習校空手部) before commencing classes there on October 13. All junior coloured belts who are able, are requested to attend to demonstrate what we do. The Japanese Community School is located at the Rose Park Primary School.

We have also been invited to demonstrate at the Moon Lantern festival on Sunday 30th September. This is the main event of the annual OzAsia festival, and will be an excellent opportunity to celebrate Asian culture and make new contacts. We have been allocated 30 minutes to demonstrate, which will roughly be divided evenly between juniors, seniors and wheelchair bound groups.

Please let me know in advance of your availability so that we can plan the best demonstrations possible.

In other news, Hanshi Patrick McCarthy, head of the International Ryukyu Karate Jutsu Research Society, and Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu will travel South to hold a seminar in South Australia for the first time. Hanshi McCarthy is a 9th dan master of karate and the first westerner ever to be awarded the title of Kyoshi by the exclusive Japanese Butokukai. This is a once off-chance to learn from this true master. Please contact me if interested.
When: August 25 – 26th
Where: Gladstone Gaol (a few hours drive from Adelaide – you may be able to hitch with me)
Cost: $160 including food and accommodation

Please find the application form and details at the link below:
Gladstone Gaol camp with Hanshi Patrick McCarthy

Due to this seminar, classes will be cancelled on Saturday 25th August. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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2 Responses to Martial Art Demonstrations

  1. Raghu says:

    i am in for the moon lantern festival demonstration.

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