October update

Happy 1st anniversary to Sobukan!! We started on 27 September 2011, one year ago! I had planned to hold a dinner, but it may be difficult with a large number of children and the costs were a little too high. Instead, I am planning a movie night/BBQ at the new dojo in October. I will keep you posted…

It has been an amazing year. Everyone has made so much progress. We have had articles in the Sunday Mail, The Messenger, Blitz Magazine and the local Japanese magazine Youyu Adelaide. We have been approached by ABC’s Behind The News for a TV segment, demonstrated at a Japanese festival and invited to demonstrate at OzAsia this weekend. We have been asked to start a karate club at the Japanese Community School. We have outgrown our first facilities and are moving into an amazing dedicated dojo. Most importantly, so many students have grown and developed a level of skills that would normally take years. I am very proud of everyone!

OzAsia demonstration
Everyone available is requested to attend a demonstration this Sunday 30 September at the OzAsia Moon Lantern Festival. We have been allocated a space in the perimeter of Elder Park. We kick off at 4:10, but please try to come (in your dogi) at least 30 minutes early to register and help get organised.

Demonstration schedule:
4:10 Kids           – tsukiwaza (punches)
                            – keriwaza (kicks)
4:20 Adults          – tegumi (push, cross, hook, elbow, uppercut, hammerfist, knees)
                            – tachikeriwaza futari geiko (2 person kicking drill)
                            – quadrant drill
– kata (Geoff and Julie to do Taisabaki gata, Chris and Dinah to do Aragaki Niseishi)
4:30 jujutsu        – tekagami (hand mirror)
                            – yokoosaedori (side hold down)
                            – konohagaeshi (wristlock)
                            – ryokataosaedori (both shoulder hold down)
                            – ushirogyakukubishimedori (reverse choke with arm bar)
                            – katamuneosaemochimawari (hold chest and punch)
                            – ushirohakkodori (wrist hold from behind)
Sobukan is moving as at Monday 1 October!!!

Please note that we change location and training times as of this weekend! The first training session at the new dojo will be held on the public holiday, Monday 1st October.917a South Road Clarence Gardens

The Goshinkan Kodokan judo club at 917A South Road Clarence Gardens is a huge dedicated dojo with a two matted spaces and a carpeted area for wheelchair classes and waiting parents. It is very well equipped to accommodate the growing number of Sobukan students. This well-established and respected dojo has similar philosophies to Sobukan and has direct links inJapan. It will therefore also allow more opportunity for special needs students to join. For current students, it means that we will have much more freedom to do conditioning, sparring, randori, groundwork, MMA training, and self-defence scenarios. Goshinkan holds regular social events and is a good, fun club to be involved with. Sobukan students would also become Goshinkan members, meaning you are able to train every single day of the week if you wish!! Goshinkan charges $5 per judo lesson.

From Monday, class times are:
Juniors – Mon and Wed 6pm
Seniors – Mon and Wed 7pm
Jujutsu and wheelchair – Sat 10am


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