April update



Please find information about the following topics below:

Easter training
Grading                  20/4/2013
Demonstrations   5/5/2013 and 19/9/2013
Competitions        19/5/2013
Monthly fees        1/4/2013

Easter training
Classes will be continuing as usual this Easter. I expect small classes over Easter, so those who turn up will be able to have more personalised attention. I hope to see you at the dojo. For those who are going away, please give a special thought to your safety, and the safety of your family. Those with an interest in self-defence should know that one of the single biggest threats to your well-being is the road. There will be more fatigued and intoxicated people on the roads than normal this weekend, so please be careful, and don’t be one of them!

The grading is scheduled for 10am Saturday 20th April. Please check your grading syllabus and start charting your progress – you have about 3 weeks! Good luck with your preparation and don’t forget to ask if unsure of anything. Please find literature on your grading requirements attached.

We have been invited to again demonstrate Japanese martial arts at two important events: OzAsia Moon Lantern Festival and at the Kodomo no Hi Japanese festival. These are wonderful opportunities to develop and demonstrate your abilities to large groups of people and help promote Sobukan. They are also fun events and a great chance to socialise with your dojo mates outside of regular training. Please RSVP asap to let me know if you will be able to assist in the demonstrations. I hope we will have contingents from both of my clubs: Sobukan; and the Japanese Community School Karate club (日本語補習校空手部).

The OzAsia Moon Lantern Festival will be held on Thursday, 19th September 2013 in the afternoon and evening in Elder Park. I will also need one volunteer to represent Sobukan at an Initial Planning and Information Meeting at The Adelaide Festival Centre’s John Bishop Room King William St, Adelaide on Monday, 8th April 2013 at 6.00pm, as I will be teaching.

The Kodomo no Hi Japanese Festival will be held on Sunday, 5th May 2013 at Cowandilla Primary School. I have been involved with this festival for many years. It is the largest volunteer run Japanese festival in Australia.

Some team members have shown an interest in competing in May. There are two competitions, ironically being held simultaneously by different organisations on Sunday, 19th May. The AMAA competition has a few events which our students may be interested in competing in, including:

Medicine balls

Medicine balls

* Complete sparring, – one 5 minute round with rules allowing body striking (not to head), throwing and grappling
* Triple event – 3 x 1.5 minute rounds, one round of striking, one round of throwing and one round of grappling
* Kata
* Children may also be interested in non-contact options, but we would need to train specifically for this, as it falls outside our normal training methods.

Please review the following webpage and advise me ASAP if you are interested in competing. There is absolutely no obligation to compete for students uninterested.

In preparation, if the interest levels are high enough, I am also considering holding an intra-club mini-competitions for Sobukan (and maybe Denshinkan) students. This is a great way to motivate students to train hard and to reach the next level in their development and prepare for the AMAA competition. The intra-club competition would be focussed on the AMAA tournament rules, but could include such events as:

Battle ropes

Battle ropes

Light contact kumite (kids)
Contact kumite (adults)

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