Grading 10am Saturday 20th April

Due to a grading on Saturday 20th April, there will be no jujutsu class. I apologise for the inconvenience for anyone who wished to attend jujutsu but not grade.

On the day, please wear your gi, and pay the $25 charge before we start at 10am sharp. I will be there by 9:30am at the latest. Juniors should be finished within an hour or so, seniors should finish around 1pm, if all goes to plan. We may have a pizza and a drink afterwards for those still around.

Please note that you will not know the grading result on the day. I will score each student against the criteria, calculate the scores at a later time and present grades to those successful at the next training session on Monday.

There is an 80% pass mark. This means that you need to complete 100% of the syllabus to 80% of my expectations, or alternatively, you may forget up to 20% of the syllabus, but must know the rest to 100% of my expectations!

Each grade gets harder, and you need to demonstrate all the syllabus up until the belt you test or. For example, if grading to green belt, you must demonstrate the yellow and orange belt syllabus better than those grades. Everyone removes their belt at the grading and it is possible to go up or down!

I often get asked ‘am I ready?’.

The last thing I would do is discourage a student from a challenge. I think the worst message I could give a student is not to try because they may fail. Students apply the lessons they learn in the dojo: achieving goals, challenges, successes and failures – the last of which I simply call ‘learning’. Having said that, I make sure that the kids get something out of the grading. If they do not ‘pass’, they get to ‘finish’ the grading when they have demonstrated that they know the criteria well enough. This is a great learning opportunity.


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