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Traditional Japanese Jujutsu

Traditional Japanese Jujutsu

I take pleasure in welcoming new students Daniel J, Jake N, Dylan & Elisia J and Jhett M to the Sobukan family. As an incentive to introduce your friends and family, Sobukan has family discounts available, and you get one month free training for every new member you introduce.

I have been delighted by the recent increased interest in Saturday traditional Jujutsu classes. We practice jujutsu as learned at the home dojo of Hakkoryu Jujutsu in Japan. This sophisticated martial art combines a clear philosophy of 挑まず、逆らわず、傷つけず- ‘do not challenge, do not resist, do not injure’ with incredibly effective martial art techniques and principles that complement your abilities in our other martial arts. These sessions are the ‘yin’ to the harder ‘yang’ classes during the week. They are a wonderful opportunity to slow down and focus on the finer details. These classes are only open to adults, and people with disabilities are especially welcome.

Magazine articles

Blitz instructor's special

Blitz instructor’s special

Thank you to Geoff Tynan and Nate Blardony for assisting with a technical workshop that was featured in the recent Blitz martial arts magazine’s special collector’s edition of Instructors’ Fighting Techniques. It was an honour to be included amongst Australia’s elite martial artists. Also thank you to Dinah sensei and Will Cernev who were our photographers. Sobukan has also had articles and mentions in regular editions of Blitz magazine, including a recent feature article on teaching martial arts.

Congratulations to all those who recently passed their grading tests! We have a few people who are due for a grading but could not make it on the day, and hope to be able to schedule a time in late May for those people. The next formal grading will likely be Saturday 13 July, and I look forward to seeing a group of students promoted to be Sobukan’s first senior green belts! Green belt is the first intermediate grade and quite a milestone as it is roughly halfway to black belt.

April Grading

April Grading

New belts
Junior yellow Sei Gillies, Tyzak & Jyah Purvis, Marko & Christopher Tsiavlis, Arian & Naysan Amrein, Paul Henshaw, James Tate
Jnr yellow with stripe Jayrell Kudzius, Luke and Joel Austin
Junior Orange Max Wright, Dylan Lake, Ethan & Josh Gifford
Senior Yellow Jo Purvis, Kynan Schroeder, Daniel Headland, Sean Timms
Senior Orange Steven Pace, Ollie Manna

We have been invited to demonstrate Japanese martial arts at three important cultural events: the Kodomo no Hi Japanese festival, Japanese Cultural Day and at the OzAsia Moon Lantern Festival.

These are wonderful opportunities to develop and demonstrate your abilities to large groups of people and help promote both Japanese martial arts and your dojo. They are fun events and a great chance to socialise with your dojo mates outside of regular training. Please RSVP ASAP to let me know if you will be able to assist in the demonstrations. I hope to have strong contingents of all ages and belt levels from both Sobukan and the Japanese Community School Karate club (日本語補習校空手部).

Kodomo no Hi Festival – 5th May
The Kodomo no Hi Japanese Festival will be held on Sunday, 5th May 2013 at Cowandilla Primary School. It is the largest volunteer run Japanese festival in Australia.

Japanese Cultural Day – 6th July
We have been invited to demonstrate jujutsu at the Burnside Library at the Japanese Cultural Day on Saturday 6th July. More information will follow.

OzAsia Moon Lantern Festival – 19th September
The OzAsia Moon Lantern Festival will be held on Thursday, 19th September 2013 in the afternoon and evening in Elder Park.

Some team members have shown an interest in competing on Sunday, 19th May. The AMAA competition has a few events which our students may be interested in competing in, including:
 Complete sparring, – one 5 minute round with rules allowing body striking (not to head), throwing and grappling
 Triple event – 3 x 1.5 minute rounds, one round of striking, one round of throwing and one round of grappling
 Kata
 Children may also be interested in non-contact options, but we would need to train specifically for this, as it falls outside our normal training methods.
Please review the following webpage and advise me ASAP if you are interested in competing. There is absolutely no obligation to compete for students uninterested.

Students often ask me about where they can find reference information to assist their learning. Much of our coloured belt syllabus is sourced from Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu and Judo and various forms of jujutsu including BJJ. Junior students also learn Shito-ryu Heian kata. Apart from sensei Youtube, I recommend the following sources of information:

Book: Bubishi (the classic manual of combat), translated by Patrick McCarthy.
DVDs 1 (Two person drills) 9 (Nyumon), and 15 (Ukewaza) for beginners, and DVDs 11, 12, 13, 14 and 16 for advanced students.
All can be purchased via:

Book: Kodokan Judo, by Jigoro Kano.
Iphone app: Judo Gokyo (Hiroshi Katanishi)
Princeton university Judo website:

Book: Jiu-jitsu University, by Saulo Riberio.
Book: Mastering Jujutsu, by Renzo Gracie.
Iphone app: series with Stephen Kesting.
Lockflow website:

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