July newsletter

I have been asked to arrange some club merchandise. Nick and I have ordered some Sobukan rash tops (which should arrive soon). I am also looking into hood tops, t-shirts and drink bottles, but would like to develop a better logo first. Our current logo is listed below, but I would like to change the kanji characters to a vertical format and also include the web address in blue. I would like the yin yang to be smaller, possibly replacing the ‘o’ in Sobukan. If anyone has any ideas or skills for developing a logo, please let me know!

Grading – Saturday 13 July
Only two weeks until the grading on Saturday 13 July! This will be a smaller grading to allow students who were unable to attend the April grading to catch up. Good luck with your preparation!

We have been invited to demonstrate Japanese martial arts at the following important cultural events: the Japanese Cultural Day and at the OzAsia Moon Lantern Festival.

These are wonderful opportunities to develop and demonstrate your abilities to large groups of people and help promote both Japanese martial arts and your dojo. They are fun events and a great chance to socialise with your dojo mates outside of regular training. Please RSVP ASAP to let me know if you will be able to assist in the demonstrations. I hope to have strong contingents of all ages and belt levels from both Sobukan and the Japanese Community School Karate club (日本語補習校空手部).

Japanese Cultural Day – 6th July
We have been invited to demonstrate at the Burnside Library at the Japanese Cultural Day at noon on Saturday 6th July.
The library is on the corner of Greenhill and Portrush roads Tusmore. We will have our normal lesson on Saturday morning at 10am, but finish a little early and head to the library together. Could demonstrators please ensure that you are ready to start at 11:45am.
Our demonstration will be split into two sections:
 Kids from the Japanese Community School Karate Club – approximately 10 minutes (日本語補習校空手部の子供達)
 Hakko-ryu Jujutsu – approximately 20 minutes.

OzAsia Moon Lantern Festival – 19th September
The OzAsia Moon Lantern Festival will be held on Thursday, 19th September 2013 in the afternoon and evening in Elder Park. http://www.ozasiafestival.com.au/

Upcoming competitions
AMAA (Karate)
The next AMAA competition is scheduled for 20 October, and includes events such as kata, complete sparring (striking to body, throws and grappling), triple event (one round each of striking to body, throws and grappling), and contact and non-contact sparring. Please let me know if you are interested in competing in the future.

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