Quality hoodies available now!

DSC_0341 DSC_0340 DSC_0339I just picked up the hoodies from the embroiders! These are good quality garments with proper embroidery (not screen printed). Currently only large and extra large (sorry, no kids sizes) available, but if they are popular I will run some more. I got a discount this time, so they will only be $90. Cash or direct debit is fine. They will be at the dojo tonight. Modelled below by some handsome bald guy, but head not in shot so as not to detract from the appeal of the hoodie.

We also have a few of the Kudo NHG masks and gloves left over. Any left will be sent to Kudo NSW, who are waiting for stock, so please be quick.

Please don’t bring cash or pay into my bank account. Please pay into the following account, and email evidence of payment to chris@sobukan.com.au. Please check availability before paying.

Kinetic Fighting P/L
BSB: 032 152
Account: 220826

NHG Masks $250
Kudo gloves $40

Kudo NHG mask

Kudo NHG mask

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1 Response to Quality hoodies available now!

  1. Lynette Bassani says:

    I might get one of those hoodies…look comfy and warm and will advertise a martial arts school in a different state…LOL Do you have them with you now? Or on Sunday?

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