BJJ State Championships

I am very proud of our dojo – today Pacey, Jay and I competed in the BJJ State Championships. Pacey and Jay came to Sobukan as beginners and have never had a BJJ lesson in their lives. Despite this, today each of us walked away with medals won by submission!

  • Jay won a bronze medal for his submission victory (sode guruma jime) by choke in the 100kg novice division.
  • Pacey won a silver medal for his triangle choke victory against a very tough opponent in the 70kg novice division.
  • I won gold in the 76kg masters division by sode guruma jime choke.

Pretty impressive considering that we fought against competitors who dedicate themselves to the ground game. Groundwork is only about 1/4 of what we do at Sobukan. We fought under their rules and won. The National BJJ Championships will be held in Adelaide this year, and Adelaide residents are able to compete. If you are interested, please let me know!

Big thanks to Leo Arruda and the team at Arruda BJJ for training me, and for letting us fight under their banner!

Sobukan champs!

Sobukan champs!

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