July news


Important dates

Date Time Event
Wed July 1 Children 5:30pm Junior Grading
Wed July 8 Adults 7pm Senior Grading
Sat July 11 TBC Burnside Library Japanese Cultural Day – demonstration TBC
Sun July 12 All day Traditional Japanese Karate Network championship
Sat Aug 1 12:40pm Karate-bu grading 空手部昇級試験
Sat & Sun Aug 29, 30 All day BJJ Australian Championships (in Adelaide) 空手部休部
Sun Sept 27 All day National Kudo titles in QLD
Sat & Sun Oct 3,4,10,11 TBC AsiaFest – two weekends of intense training, and maybe a Kudo competition!
Sun Oct 25 All day IBF Training Day


DSC_0340Good news! We have a limited number of larger sized hoodies available for $90, and some lightweight hoodies in children’s and smaller adult sizes for $80. These are a lighter fabric that can be worn under your gi in cold weather, or can be worn in cooler weather all year round. These are all good quality Uniqlo garments from Japan that are embroidered and printed locally. Grab one quickly before your size disappears!


Grading tests

Grading tests can be long and exhausting – and they are supposed to be challenging! However, I have decided to split the mid-year grading into three separate sessions. Junior students will test from 5:30pm on Wednesday 1 July. Senior students will test from 7pm on Wednesday 8 July, and Karate-bu students on Saturday 1 August. Even if not testing on the day, please consider attending to assist your dojo-mates.

images-3Grading tests cost $25, payable in advance or on the day.

If you bring a USB I can copy kata and elements of grading criteria for you.

Good luck everyone!!


Japanese Cultural Day

The Burnside Library has invited us to participate in their annual Japanese Cultural Day on Saturday 11 July. This will be a great opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills and new belts in front of a smaller, Japanophile audience in preparation for the AsiaFest festival later in the year.

As we will be the last group to demonstrate (the Main Event J) I hope that we can muster up a large group of Karate-bu and Sobukan members for an impressive performance. We only have 20 minutes, so will need to make it short and action-packed. Below is a draft schedule.

Japanese Day 2015

Time Who What
1:00 All Discuss and demonstrate martial arts with general public
2:30 All Bow and introduce for demonstration
2:35 Kids (graded) Heian shodan (kata)
2:40 All (graded) Tegumi: straight punch, hook punch, uraken, uppercut, hammerfist
2:45 Adults Jujutsu: tekagami, muneosaedori, konohagaeshi, nihonage, ushirozemedori
2:50 Pacey and I Kudo: catch kick and leg lock, knee and flying armbar, clinch from punches, throw and armbar
2:55 All Bow and thank audience
3pm All Finish


Karate competition

145We have been invited to participate in the Traditional Japanese Karate Network Championship 2015 on Sunday July 12 at the Magill University Sports Centre.

There are 4 events:

  1. Non-contact kumite (the rules are quite different from what we practice)
  2. ‘Flag’ kumite – a children’s game where you steal a flag from the opponent’s belt – similar to a game our children play!
  3. Kata – solo demonstration of karate kata
  4. Kata bunkai – group demonstration of kata and the application of moves.

In particular I am interested in adults competing in the kata bunkai event, and children may be interested in demonstrating their kata. The entry cost is $40 whether you compete in one or many events. Please let me know if you are keen on having a go!



We have again been invited to participate at AsiaFest, Adelaide’s newest and longest running Asian festival! On the basis of our discussions, they are considering a full-time martial arts venue in the Japan section both weekends. This will be a great opportunity for us to do some serious training over both weekends – consider it to be a training camp inside a festival! Also, we are investigating the possibility of holding a Kudo competition over one of the days. Watch this space!




images-14Karate ni sente nashi’ literally means ‘there is no first hand in karate’, and has been interpreted in many ways. This quote is inscribed on Karate pioneer Gichin Funakoshi’s epitaph. It is most literally interpreted as meaning that karate-ka or martial artists should not hit first. However, I subscribe to the theory that this quote advocates not to start fights, rather than to prohibit the very effective tactic of pre-emptive striking. If conflict is unavoidable, an aggressor must be dealt with decisively, whether the foe has physically attacked or not.

Jesse Enkamp illustrates with a legendary account of an incident involving Funakoshi’s rival Motobu Choki:


Sobukan goods

Purchase Sobukan merchandise online! The drink bottles and performance t-shirts are very popular. You can wear the performance t-shirts under your gi. Don’t forget you can buy hoodies and Kudo gear directly through me at the dojo.


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