September news

Sobukan 4th birthday

imagesHappy birthday to us! September marks Sobukan’s 4th anniversary!! Thank you all for your support over the years, we have come a long way and I am excited about our future together. I look forward to our 5th and even 10th anniversaries before we know it! My vision of black belts who can strike, throw, grapple and lock with the best is right on track!


All hands on deck please!!

This is the most important event in the Sobukan calendar this year for a few reasons, and a great opportunity for us to do some serious training over both weekends – consider it to be a training camp and a competition inside a festival! All events will be held at the martial arts area in the Japan section of the festival at Rymill Park. Participants enter the festival free.

I will maintain a register to record everyone’s participation in Asia. This is important for festival entry details and daily planning.

AsiaFest Sobukan schedule
When What Who
Saturday October 3, 11am – 5pm Kudo Australia Championship.

Compete under full Kudo or padded Kudo rules. We need mats for the competition. If you have access to 8x8m mats, please help out. I have 6×6 30mm mats, so even if you have less, we may be OK.

Please get the word out about this competition. Success will open up future opportunities for Kudo and other combat sports in SA.

Entry details up on the facebook event soon, please join for updates:

All available adults and teens.

Kids TBC.

We need competitors, time-keepers, scorers, weighers, and other volunteers.

If in two minds, please do it!

Sunday October 4, 11am – 5pm Sobukan demonstration

Sobukan Challenge (TBC).

This is our opportunity to show the full gamut of our skills for adults and Sobukids: Strikes, KU drills, throws, takedowns, combinations, counters, escapes, ground fighting, weaponry defence, jujutsu, self-defence and more! We will open up sections for spectators to participate through the day.

I am also considering an intra-club competition complete with medals, including events in Kata, kids kumite, and possibly even a self-defence section! Let me know what you think…

This day will also be an opportunity to celebrate our 4th anniversary!

Everyone available from Sobukan and Karate-bu.
Sat, Sun October 10-11, time TBC Demonstrations of various skills including our popular self defence skit. These sessions can also be used to assess grades for certain students overdue for promotion. Everyone available from Sobukan and Karate-bu.


BJJ Australia Cup results

DSC_0182Great results for the BJJ Aus Cup Sobuclan!! I am very proud of Sei, Tristan and Pacey, who all won silver medals. I somehow managed to win gold medals at both the State and Australia Cup despite quality opponents.

Sei fought for the first time, and as Sobukids don’t train submissions, it was quite a learning experience for him. He lost a hard fought first match to a very talented young athlete from NSW. He then showed great fortitude to narrowly win his second match and demonstrated a great closed guard with choke and sweep attempts. He had to fight the first athlete again in the final and despite trying his hardest, his opponent had the edge.

DSC_0440Tristan, despite minimal preparation, also did us proud. Unfortunately he was disqualified in his first match for an obscure rule he was unaware of. This was very disappointing for all because Tristan was doing very well up until that point. He is always competitive and very strong for his age. Watch out for him in the future!

Pacey won his first fight, unfortunately disabling his opponent for the rest of the competition with a perfectly executed armbar. He then fought for the gold, and was unlucky to be choked out with 8 seconds left on the clock. He recovered and then competed in the OPEN category: he was the lightest and least of experienced of the draw, yet fought the eventual winner all the way to the end and won a lot of admiration!

DSC_0428Thank you to all Sobukan members who encourage and push us hard each session and especially to those who came down to support us. I wont name you all in case I forget someone… A massive thank you to Professor Leonardo Arruda and the team at Arruda who stretch, snap and choke me at every opportunity. Your guidance is valued. Finally thank you to Gregg Toyama and team for their tireless promotion of BJJ and MMA in SA.

IBF training day

The next IBF training day is on Oct 25. These are a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and network with some of the most experienced and interesting martial artists in South Australia. Unfortunately I will be in Victoria, but please go and pass on all the skills you pick up!

Important dates

Date Time Event
Sat Oct 3 11am – 5pm National Kudo titles at Asia Fest
Sun Oct 4 11am – 5pm AsiaFest demonstrations and training and celebration of 4th anniversary
Sat Oct 10

Sun Oct 11

TBC AsiaFest demonstrations
Sun Oct 25 All day IBF Training Day
Mon Nov 30 7pm Senior grading
Wed Dec 2 5:30pm Junior grading

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