November news

 Important dates

Date Time Event
Sat Nov 21 1pm Due to my Judo black belt grading, there will be no karate-bu class.


Mon Nov 30 7pm Senior grading
Wed Dec 2 5:30pm Junior grading
Wed Dec 23 8pm Last class of 2015 (one week holiday)
Mon Jan 4 6pm First class of 2016
March 18- 20 All day Kudo Nationals at Arnold Classic (Melbourne)


From 31 October, karate-bu times changed, now from 1pm until 1:50pm. Due to my Judo black belt grading, there will be no karate-bu class on Saturday November 21.


Grading tests

Only one month until grading tests! Good luck with your preparation. I am very pleased to take requests for lessons to help you prepare. Kids kata, and much of the adult’s syllabus is also available on video, please bring a USB to the dojo for copies. Grading tests are $25, to be paid in advance of your test.

Dojo contributions

As our dojo grows, so does the need for people to step up and assist with various aspects of instruction and administration. I am thinking about forming a dojo committee to formalise such contributions. I have been keen to arrange a ‘gasshuku’ or camping trip for a while, but need help. I would like to appoint individuals to be responsible for a number of roles. If interested any a leadership role in any of the following areas, please let me know.

  • Social and training events
  • Japanese culture and language lessons
  • Filming and editing syllabus, drills and also promoting the dojo on social media
  • Research and instruction in the fields of:
    • Striking
    • Throwing
    • Grappling
    • Jujutsu
    • Koryu Uchinadi drills
    • Self defence
    • Kudo competition

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Many members already make great contributions. This list is by no means exhaustive, but I would like to thank a few individuals, in no specific order:

  • Steven Pace – for general leadership and assistance with all events and classes, even teaching recently while injured
  • Geoff Tynan – for leadership in jujutsu classes, kata classes and helping out new students during and after classes
  • Daniel Headland – for his commitment to assisting with my judo grading (and associated preparation) and developing throw drills with Kynan
  • Kynan Schroeter – likewise, for developing throw drills, and stepping up to assist while Pacey has been unavailable
  • Jason Gleeson – for assisting in instructing kid’s classes
  • Justin Tronerud – for providing some great resources recently (I hope to make these available soon)
  • Sean Walker – for introducing many potential students, including Jim and Sean Colyer
  • Raghu Anbalagan – for never missing a demonstration and being SA’s pioneer in Kudo competition
  • Umehara san – for always making himself available for demonstrations despite a very busy schedule and being a club inspiration
  • And wow, there are so many more – don’t even let me get started on the kids and families!


Thank you to everyone who competed, volunteered, photographed, officiated, loaned equipment or otherwise assisted with AsiaFest. Thanks to everyone’s substantial contributions, the Sobukids Challenge, Kudo Nationals and various demonstrations went off without a hitch.

Sobukids Challenge

I was very proud of the way everyone competed in the Sobukids challenge, particularly in the kumite event. Everyone fought hard, but carefully and safely.

Kata challenge
Gold Tyzak
Silver Dylan
Kumite – small kids
Gold Sei
Silver Jayrell
Kumite – medium kids
Gold Tyzak
Silver Anastasia
Kumite – big kids
Gold Kashish
Silver Darian

Kudo National Championship

I was hoping to have a full list for you, but here are the Sobukan Kudo results – to the best of my recollection! My apologies in advance for any errors or omissions! Congratulations everyone on demonstrating great attitudes, skill and fighting spirit.

Gold medal winners:

  • Daniel Scibilia
  • Doug Harrison

Silver medal winners:

  • Steven Pace
  • Daniel Carlesso
  • Jo Purvis
  • Tristan Walker

Bronze medal winners:

  • Jim Burger
  • Takumi Nishiyama
  • Raghu Anbalagan
  • Tayla Jeffries

Kudo preparation weekly schedule

Please find a rough schedule below to assist competitors in preparing for the 2016 Kudo Nationals in March.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sprints Sobukan Weights and running Sobukan Weights and running Optional rest Sobukan

In order to peak in March, this is what our training schedule will focus on:

November & December

  • Strength and conditioning
  • Basic techniques and tactics
  • Eliminating individual weaknesses

January & February

  • Cardio
  • Combinations & counters
  • Sparring


  • Cardio
  • Your ‘game’
  • Weight control
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