February news

Hi Sobuclan,

Unfortunately we have had to cancel the Gasshuku training camp due to insufficient numbers. There were a lot of members for whom this weekend was not ideal, so hopefully we can try again later in the year. Thank you very much to Sean for all his work arranging this camp.

Competitors at the Kudo Nationals in Melbourne in March have only 7 weeks until the tournament and should now be training at least once each day, abstaining from smoking/alcohol and eating nutritiously in accordance with weight control needs. Of course, attending each kata and kumite class is a given, but if possible, also attend Justin’s conditioning class on Mondays at 5pm. If you are putting your body on the line, get in the best shape possible.

Fatigue makes cowards of us all. Fitness is a fighter’s friend. Get fighting fit!

As you may be aware, I am travelling to Japan at the end of March to further my martial arts training. I will train at some of the best dojo around Japan with the goal of bringing back skills and training methods to share with you when I return for June 1.

Unfortunately, this means that Sobukan will be closed for April and May. Sobukan members are very important to me. In order to open the dojo in my absence, I would need to find someone with the martial art skills, teaching skills, child safety background, police clearances, mutual rapport and respect with our members and families, and importantly the time, drive and desire to commit to teaching all classes. Some of our senior members tick many of these boxes, but are not available to teach all classes. Rather than subject you to less than you deserve, I will ask you to be patient in my absence. All annual memberships will be extended for the two months.

Important dates

Date Time Event
March 18- 20 All day Kudo Nationals at Arnold Classic (Melbourne)
March 27 From I am travelling to Japan to improve my martial arts
May 30 To Returning to Australia to share my new knowledge

Kudo preparation weekly schedule

Please find a rough schedule below to assist competitors in preparing for the 2016 Kudo Nationals in March.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sprints Conditioning with Justin

Sobukan kata and kumite

Running Sobukan kata and kumite Weights and running Rest Sobukan

Jujutsu and kumite

In order to peak in March, this is what our training schedule will focus on:


  • Cardio
  • Combinations & counters
  • Sparring


  • Cardio
  • Your ‘game’
  • Weight control



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