March news

It has been an ‘interesting’ couple of weeks. First the flood damaged carpets, TVs and document, and ever since the dojo has in a resultant state of chaos. If that wasn’t enough, last week the dojo was broken into. In order to access the dojo they damaged the back gate and the rear glass sliding door, hence us recently using the front door. They didn’t steal a great deal, but what they took was bewildering. In addition to money, they stole a wheelie bin, my large training bag full of training weapons, Kudo, karate and MMA gloves and shin pads etc. If anyone saw anything on the weekend of the 19th, please let me (and the police) know.

The Kudo competition is only a couple of weeks away! Our fighters on the day are Raghu, Tristan, Daniel S, Daniel C (hopefully) and myself. Sean will be there in a much needed support capacity. Good luck to us all! We will be travelling over on the morning of Thursday the 17th and returning for class on Monday 21st.

Sorry for any inconvenience, but there will be no Kumite class on Saturday 19th. Geoff will teach the jujutsu class – thanks Geoff!!

As you are aware, I am travelling to Japan from Easter Sunday 27th March to further my martial arts training. I will train at some of the best dojo around Japan with the goal of bringing back skills and training methods to share with you when I return for classes on June 1.

Unfortunately, this means that Sobukan will be closed for April and May. If you use automatic payments, please cancel them for April and May. If you forget, I will credit you future months. All annual memberships will be extended for two months.

If you don’t want to rest for two months, I encourage you to either pair up with other students at your homes or public places and practice together. Alternatively, you might consider taking judo lessons for two months – I would consider this to be a better investment of two months than some other arts. This will help with your confidence in breakfalls and throws, which will help you work towards your next belt, kumite and self defence. I recommend either training on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Goshin Judo Kan (our dojo), or with Adelaide University Judo Club, who have classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

The date will depend on your level of preparation, but I plan to hold a grading shortly after my return, so please practice your kata and drills. I have video of many drills I can download onto a USB for you to help you remember while I am gone. Please see me before classes, as downloading can take some time – and they are quite large files.

Important dates

Date Time Event
March 18- 20 All day Kudo Nationals at Arnold Classic (Melbourne) – no kumite class Sat March 19
March 27 From I am travelling to Japan to improve my martial arts
June 1 5pm First class back!


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