August news

Important dates

Date Time Event
Sat Oct 1 10am Senior grading
Sat Oct 1 5pm 5th anniversary pizza/movie/drinks celebration
Sun Oct 2 10am Junior grading
Nov/Dec?   Kudo competition in SA


The next grading is only two months away! Will you be ready?

The actual date(s) will be decided soon. I hope to test adults and children on different days, as each takes several hours, over the first weekend in October to coincide with our 5th anniversary celebration.

For the next couple of months, classes will focus on grading criteria. We have a broad syllabus, and it is not possible to practice every level’s requirements each lesson, so it is important that you practice outside of class. In order to help you prepare, I have been systematically video-taping the syllabus. Yellow belt is done and I will be working on Orange next. If you would like a video of your next grading, please bring a large capacity USB that is compatible with Apple products.

gold-mini-balloon-number-five-topper-9f55th anniversary

Sobukan turns five in September! Our dojo is now older than some of its members!

Let’s combine a grading (overdue for many) with a celebration over the first weekend in October – which happens to be a long weekend. We can test the adults on Saturday and the kids on Sunday and have a bit of a party Saturday night. How does a movie and pizza at the dojo followed drinks at Avoca Hotel sound for Saturday night?


I am planning to hold a Kudo SA tournament at the end of the year, or early next year at the latest. A lot of work goes into organisation, so volunteers are very welcome!

Before organising, I want to ensure that we have a few athletes ready. If you are interested in competition, show your dedication to training now!

I am also looking into options for children and adults to compete locally in BJJ, Karate or cross-discipline tournaments. Unfortunately, quality karate competitions for children in SA are few and far between, but I will keep looking!


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