We have been invited to demonstrate martial arts at the 10th anniversary of OzAsia, Adelaide’s premier Asian festival, on Sunday 25th September from 1pm until 2pm, and I would love for everyone to be involved in some capacity.
Please reply with your availability at your earliest possibility before Sunday 11th September so that I can plan our involvement.
This will be a great opportunity not only to demonstrate our wares and generate interest in Japanese martial arts, but also to prepare for our grading, which is scheduled for the following weekend. I apologise for the families of children who will be busy with Sobukan events two Sundays in a row, and thank you for your commitment and cooperation.
I anticipate that our activities on the day will follow previous demonstrations, and I should include some of the following:
  • Kumite (I will try to match kids and adults in advance for fair and friendly matches)
  • Kata
  • Two-person drills, such as tegumi, quadrant, throw drills, ground drills, lock drills, choke drills
  • Jujutsu technique
  • Self defence skit (but a replacement for Raghu will need to be found)
There will be plenty that new students can do. White belts are requested to attend and help set up, pack up, talk to spectators about Sobukan/martial arts, practice their skills and offer general support.Moon lantern festival (10)
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