December news

Don’t miss your last chance to get fit before beach weather! We will keep training all the way up until (and including) Christmas Eve! Take the opportunity this f15252636_10210095943707241_7145820756951606202_oestive season to get healthier and keep yourself safe.

Congratulations to Jyah on his blue belt and to Mei, Hayden and Conrad for earning yellow belts in November. Keep up the great work!



Let’s celebrate the end of a great year in collaboration with the Judo club – I hope to see you there!

Where: Oaklands Reserve, The Parade, Oaklands Park
When: 11am Sunday 18 December
What to bring: Plate of food and drinks
Who: All Sobukan and Karate-bu members

Half price passes for new members!

To celebrate our 5th anniversary, 10-visit casual cards will be available for $50 for prospective members until the end of the year! If you would like to encourage someone to join Sobukan, or are looking for a Christmas gift, please consider giving them a 10-visit pass!

Paper Crane Ball

Sobukan performed the opening act for the Paper Crane Ball at the Hilton in November. Our performance included Japanese drum and flute music and spectacular techniques from Jujutsu and Karate to symbolise the fight against cancer. Thank you very much to Umehara san and Takumi for the music, Geoff, Pacey, Daniel C and Daniel S for being the ‘bad guys’ and to Sei for helping me beat them up! Almost $90,000 was raised for the Childhood Cancer Association! More info here.


Thank you also to all the children and parents involved in the Bunkasai (Cultural Festival) Karate demonstration at the Japanese Community School. Well done everyone!


Important dates                                                                                                                                                                                   

Date Time Event
Dec 18 11am onwards Bonenkai celebration at Oaklands Reserve
Dec 24 10am – noon Last sessions for 2016
Jan 9 6pm First session for 2017
Feb 10-13 All day Kudo World Cup (Mumbai, India)
March 17-19 All day Arnold Classic (Melbourne) – Kudo Nationals TBC
April 1-2 All day Grading (tentative date)


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