March news

It still seems like we have just entered the new year, yet here comes Autumn. March is our preparation month for gradings and competitions – don’t miss a class!


Important dates

Date Time Event
March 19 12:30pm AMAA training day – I will be teaching a Kudo seminar at 29 Shepherd Rd, Christies Beach – only $20 for the day
April 1 10am Adult grading
April 2 10am Junior grading
April 8 All day TJKN Karate Championships
April 8 All day BJJ SA Titles
April 9 All day Jason Griffiths seminar
April 9 All day Kudo QLD tournament
April 23 11 – 5 Sausage sizzle fundraising at Woolworths Cumberland Park
June 16 (TBC) Evening Kudo seminar and grading
June 17 (TBC) All day Kudo SA tournament – with instructors visiting from Japan
July 11 – Aug 14 Several weeks Sobukan team trip to Japan!



One month until our grading! Please find the syllabus attached, and take note of the additional resources in the appendix. Please take charge of your learning; come early and practice what you have learned. Ask me or your seniors to teach you any parts of your syllabus you are unfamiliar with.



The TJKN karate tournament and the BJJ State Titles are both on April 8. A number of people, particularly kids, have indicated an interest in competing in the Kumite, Kata and Kata bunkai events at the Karate tournament. Please register now via the link above and let me know what events you are competing in – the more the better!

As I will attend the Karate tournament, we will need to nominate a team captain to support anyone competing in the BJJ State Titles. So far a couple of people have indicated an interest in competing, please confirm whether you will be competing ASAP!



We have some big Kudo events on the horizon:

  • Kudo QLD Titles are scheduled (TBC) for April 9
  • Kudo SA Titles are being planned for June. I have started to arrange for two high ranking instructors to travel from Japan to officiate, hold a grading and teach a seminar. Mark this one in your calendar, and start training now, I want Sobukan to do well!!



If all that wasn’t enough, a team of Sobukan members will be accompanying me to Japan in the second half of July!

Some things on the menu:

  • train at some of the best Kudo, Karate, Jujutsu and MMA dojo in Japan
  • sing our hearts out at Karaoke
  • eat bucket-loads of sushi and other culinary delights
  • climb Mt Fuji
  • visit Disneyland
  • day trips to various locations in and around Tokyo
  • attend fireworks festivals
  • explore a castle
  • see the Great Buddha
  • reflect at shrines and temples


So far Pacey and Sam are in, and a couple of others are ‘maybes’. If you want to attend, speak to me or these guys ASAP to ensure you can share flights and accommodation. If you need more motivation, check this out.


We have a sausage sizzle at Woolworths Cumberland Park on April 23 to raise funds for dojo activities and equipment, including this trip.

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