April news

Hi Sobuclan,

This month’s newsletter is a couple of days early as I have some important reminders:

  • Paul Cale, head of Kudo Australia, will be visiting our dojo tomorrow (Monday March 27)
  • Register for the grading by Wednesday March 29
  • Register for the TJKN karate tournament by April 1
  • No junior class on Wednesday April 5

Important dates

Date Time Event
March 27 7pm Paul Cale Shibucho visiting Sobukan
April 1 Midnight Deadline to register for TJKN karate tournament
April 1 10am Adult grading
April 2 10am Junior grading
April 2 Midnight Deadline to register for BJJ competition
April 5 6pm No junior class
April 8 All day TJKN karate tournament
April 8 All day BJJ competition
April 23 11 – 5 Sausage sizzle fundraising at Woolworths Cumberland Park
June 17-18 All day Kudo seminar and grading
July 11-Aug 14 All day Japan trip

Paul Cale

I am very honoured to advise that Paul Cale Shibucho will visit Sobukan on Monday 27 for adults’ classes.

You will be aware that Paul Shibucho is the head of Kudo Australia, but you may not be aware of his military and martial art pedigree. Paul Shibucho is the only Australian to hold black belts in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Judo, Kyokushin Karate, Taekwondo, Aikido and Kudo. He is a former Commando and Counter Terrorism expert. He is a panel member of the IOC Combat Sports programme. He leads a number of organisations including Kinetic Fighting.

Needless to say – do not miss training Monday night! Come with an open mind and remember your etiquette – don’t forget to answer with ‘OSU!!’.



Please register for the grading by emailing chris@sobukan.com.au with the following details and paying the $25 fee by Wednesday March 29.

  • Name:
  • Belt size:
  • Prospective grade:

Good luck!!

No-Kids-Allowed-300x300No junior class on Wednesday April 5

I will be in Canberra for a business trip from April 4 – 6 and therefore there will be no junior class on Wednesday April 5. Apologies for any inconvenience. Sobukan brown belts Pacey and Geoff will run adult classes as per normal.


The TJKN karate tournament and the BJJ State Titles are both on April 8. Registrations for both close this weekend.

These are rare opportunities to compete in SA – support local martial arts and test yourself!


Please help out with a sausage sizzle at Woolworths Cumberland Park on April 23 to raise funds for dojo activities, support Sobukan members and recruit new members! We start sizzling at 11am, please arrive early to help set up.

AMAA training day

Thank you Tristan, Sam, Jacynta and Sei for accompanying me to the AMAA training day on March 19. This was only a great opportunity to promote Kudo and learn a little Krav Maga and Hapkido. I was very proud to hear a lot of discussion regarding the skill level of Sobukan students!


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