Kudo membership

Kudo Australia membership mid-year applications and renewals are due now!

Why is Kudo Australia growing so quickly? Kudo is a traditional, safe and exciting Japanese mixed martial art. Kudo is not for armchair warriors10559790_778074565587966_5346830917393985585_n seeking mystical, magical martial art secrets. Kudo-ka walk a hard path learning traditional martial virtues and conditioning their mind and bodies via realistic, physical, yet safe, training. A Kudo black-belt is rare and commands respect.

Kudo is a complete martial art. Kudo-ka practice punches, kicks, knees, elbows, head-butts, judo-style throws, wrestling takedowns, chokes and joint locks. Yet Kudo is more than the sum of these parts; the rules allow infinite combinations of these skills – your possibilities are limited only by your imagination and commitment to training. Only in Kudo are you allowed to use head-butts to set up throws and set up submissions with strikes. Kudo safety equipment enables members to hone these skills in realistic full-contact sparring.

Check out Kudo on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqcE1J7z2eE

images-15Kudo Australia members enjoy access to Kudo equipment, seminars, competitions, gradings and more. This month Melbourne will host a National Kudo seminar, tournament and grading. Next month Kudo SA will take a team to Japan train in preparation for the international Kudo Summer Camp in August.

Annual membership is only $44 per person.

For further information on Kudo in South Australia, please do not hesitate to contact state shibucho Chris Gillies at Sobukan martial arts.

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