July & August news

Important dates

Date Time Event
Mon July 10 6-9pm Last classes before Japan trip
Wed Aug 16 6-9pm First class back after Japan trip


images-15Dojo closure dates

As you must surely be aware by now, Sei, Pacey, Sam and I are very excited about travelling to Japan to further our martial learning!

The last class is on Monday July 10, and we resume on Wednesday August 16. Fees will be payable in July only to cover classes in half of July and August.

We promise to bring home a plethora of new ideas, techniques and training methods to share with you.


Kudo Event

On June 17 Sobukan fielded a team from Kudo SA to an historical Kudo event Melbourne; the first event for all Kudo shibucho to meet, and wow, did they represent our state well!

In the morning we enjoyed the 3-4 hour seminar and learned some nice new moves. Our Kyokushin hosts were loving their first taste of Kudo.

In the afternoon we had a novice tournament against some very strong, experienced Kyokushin karate fighters.

First up was Jacynta in her debut fight against a 3rd degree black belt and full-time martial arts instructor, who was trying Kudo for the first time. Jacynta was amazing, and racked up points with powerful and accurate punches, head-butts and effective ground defence for the first win. This result set the theme for our team.

Next up was Pacey against an opponent of roughly equivalent grade. He started off well, getting the early edge. His opponent was tough, physically much stronger and fought back hard, but Pacey kept up the pace for a convincing win.

Sam fought an Aikido/BJJ stylist in his debut, and overwhelmed his opponent for an impressive ippon win, the first of the day.

Daniel C drew a really tough opponent, a rock-solid Kyokushin 4th dan black belt. I had been working with his opponent earlier and was impressed with his powerful kicks and unbending mindset. Daniel took the fight to him and caught him early with punches. The fight was called short, however, when Daniel copped an enormous knee to the groin and could not continue.

Jacynta’s opponent had won her next fight by rear naked choke, setting up a rematch for the final. This time the black belt was getting more comfortable with Kudo and seemed much more dangerous. Jacynta showed true spirit not backing down despite some strong exchanges, and her final superwoman punch just put the exclamation mark on her sentence as she won her division.

Sam and Pacey then met in the final of their division. The team mates fought hard, and Sam did very well not to back down from his sempai’s strong offence. Pacey was the better fighter on the day, but I was super proud that our members took first and second place in the division.

This was a novice tournament, with many (including beginner grades Sam and Jacynta) fighting for the first time. Yet many of the fighters were experienced martial artists and seasoned competitors. I am very proud of how everyone fought and we put Kudo SA on the map.

Thank you very much to all of the organisers, participants and shibucho. Particularly huge thanks to the incredible hospitality of Kiley Baker of Eltham Martial Arts, who hosted the event and even allowed our team members to stay in the dojo for two nights.

Kudo Australia shibucho Paul Cale, Kudo QLD shibucho Ian Bone and myself then did a photo shoot for Blitz, Australia’s biggest martial art magazine. Look out for the new issue soon.


Japanese Cultural Day

Thank you to everyone who assisted with the Japanese martial art demonstration at the Japanese Cultural Day at Burnside Library on June 24. Although we didn’t have much of an opportunity to prepare, the demonstration went off without a hitch and judging by the crowd reactions, we were very popular!

Also a big thanks to the Australia Japan Association for the invitation to demonstrate, and for the generous gift card.

Judd Reid shihan Kyokushin Karate seminar

Pacey, Dan C, Jacynta and I attended an inspirational seminar by the amazing and humble Judd Reid shihan last night. Reid shihan was the first westerner to complete the 1000 day uchi deshi program, and the 19th person to complete the world’s toughest martial art test – the 100 man kumite.

Thanks go to Peter and Dean sensei for the invitation to attend. This was just what I needed to help prepare for a tough grading in Japan, and we all learned a lot about never giving up on pursuing our dreams.


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