October news

IMG_0011Sobukan is now 6 years old, and we have been sharing our current dojo for 5 years. Time flies when you are having fun! Thank you to everyone to all Sobukan members and families, past and present. Also, huge thanks to Goshin Judo Kan for sharing their excellent facilities with us.


For the first time in 5 years, Goshin need the dojo on one of our training nights. Let’s take this opportunity to visit the beautiful Himeji Gardens on Wednesday night at 6pm for a mixed training session – children and adults. Bring some water, wear your gi and sneakers, this will be fun!

Of course, we are open on Monday, regardless of the public holiday.

We have less people registered for this grading than usual. If you are planning to grade, don’t forget to pay the $25 grading fee and email your registration by October 1.

Current grade:
Belt size:
Any parts of your grading syllabus you are unsure of:

Important dates

Date Time Event
Mon Oct 2 6 – 9pm Open as usual on public holiday
Wed Oct 4 6 – 7pm Training at Himeji Gardens (dojo closed)
Sat Oct 14 10am Senior grading (TBC)
Sun Oct 15 10am Junior grading (TBC)
Sun Oct 22 All day Kudo Competition in Melbourne
Sun Dec 10 Noon EOY party
Sat Dec 23 10am Last classes of 2017
Mon Jan 8 6pm First classes of 2018 (TBC)
July 2018 All day Pacey black belt grading


Thank you to five very generous donations, we have raised $380!! We are a little short of our target, but it certainly helps! If you can help, please make a donation via EFT to my bank account and go in the run to win a 2 hour private lesson, with a market value of approximately $150. Please ensure that you clearly identify your name and the word ‘donation’ in the transaction! I will draw a winner after the Vic Open.


Adults: 10am Sat October 14
Juniors: 10am Sun October 15

I would wish you luck, but hard work will serve you better. Your success is in your hands. Don’t forget to register!


Kudo Event

The Kudo Victorian Open will be held at Batman Royale in Melbourne on Sunday October 22. Tristan, Daniel S, and Sam are fighting.

Over the next month, improve your 3Cs: combinations, counters, and particularly conditioning! Attend all classes and run three times a week, including sprints. Come to the dojo early and work on developing winning combinations and polishing your counters to fire automatically.

Kudo photo

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