Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!!

Thank you for a wonderful year and the delicious gifts. Each year, we paint a character to signify a theme for the year. For 2017 I chose ‘絆’ (kizuna), which means ‘bonds’ or ‘relationships’. I tried to achieve this by recalibrating my focus a little from quantity to quality. I put less energy into seeking new students and more into existing students. I reflect on 2017 and see not only that not only has everyone become stronger, but I feel that our dojo has become more of a community with a lot of great friendships.

We did a lot together this year, including a trip to Japan, two competitions in Melbourne, and two gradings. We demonstrated at the Japanese Cultural Day, went on a camping trip, and shared lots of drinks. We even found time to do some training!

I am yet to choose my theme for 2018, but I certainly want to continue to see leaders develop. Pacey will test for his black belt, and we will see many other new belts awarded. The next grading will be in March or April, so please start preparing now.

It sounds crazy, because our last classes were on Saturday, but I have been missing everyone already. It is going to feel strange not going to the dojo tonight, but family is the most important thing and I will relish the time to spend some time with my family here and in Victoria.

See you on 8 January!

Important dates

Date Time Event
Mon Jan 8 6pm First classes of 2018
March / April   Adults and children grading
July 2018 All day Pacey black belt grading


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