Seize every moment

golden-hourglass-sand-glass-clock-vector-free-34033Before class tonight I asked some of the students why they weren’t practicing. They answered that they were waiting for class to begin.

During mokuso I asked my students to reflect upon how similar ‘waiting’ is to ‘wasting’.

Time is our most precious resource. It cannot be bought, nor replaced. When your time is up, it is up. Our time is limited and should be our most valued commodity. I can’t bear to think of you wasting your time, or mine. We should invest our time for maximum return.

Most Sobukids train twice a week. Many adults train more. Investing 10 minutes before class in additional practice will reap you in excess of 1000 minutes of practice over the course of a year. That is the equivalent of two months worth of lessons!!

In Japan they say 一期一会 (one time, one opportunity)

In Rome they said Carpe Diem (seize the day).

Gen Y say YOLO.

fudemoji_ichigoIn any language, use every moment wisely and seize every opportunity to live your life to its fullest.

Never wait.

Never waste.

Never regret.

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5th anniversary speech

First of all, I want to thank everyone here, talk a little about the origins of Sobukan for our newer members, reminisce about some of the times we have had, and importantly I want to share my vision for the next five years of our dojo and listen to your thoughts.

Of course I appreciate you attending tonight’s celebration, but I really want to thank you for all of the support that everyone here has given me, and Sobukan Martial Arts, over the past five years. Some people are current students, some are family members, some are past members. All of you have played an important role in the development of this dojo, and its achievements, of which I am very proud.

Before I say anything more, please allow me to remind you that our mission statement is to help people like to you be healthier, happier and safer. Therefore, please enjoy yourself tonight, but please have a plan in place to ensure that you do not drink and drive. I am happy for people to camp out on the mats if need be, or I will call you a taxi if you require one, but if there is no excuse for people who invest time and money in self-protection to drink and drive.


Origins of Sobukan

Tonight we celebrate the 5th anniversary of Sobukan, but its origins go back much further.

I started karate in primary school, and earned my first black belt at 18. I was technically very good at punching and kicking; I was fast and strong and was told that my kata was excellent. However, I knew very little about throwing, grappling and trapping and I didn’t really understand the dozens of kata I had learned. I had only recently taken up kickboxing, and previous to that had not sparred full-contact. The reality was that I didn’t feel like a black belt.

I started searching for a dojo that could help me to become the martial artist I wanted to be: a dojo that taught strikes, throws, grappling & locking and could teach me the meaning of my kata. I wanted a fun, safe dojo that taught effective martial arts in an effective, yet traditional and friendly manner. Plus, I had a soft spot for Japanese culture.

I found many good dojo that ticked some of these boxes, but I couldn’t find one single dojo that satisfied all of my criteria. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I realised that other people would also be searching for the same thing, and decided to devote myself to researching and training in the best martial arts in each range and establishing my ‘ideal’ dojo.

The product of more than 30 years of training, and 20 years of research, is Sobukan!

For me the ‘best’ martial arts in each range I have found include:
Standing: Muay Thai, Kudo, Koryu Uchinadi/Karate
Clinch: Judo, Kudo, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Jujutsu
Ground: BJJ, shooto/catch-wrestling

With the exception of wrestling, I have spent many years studying each of these arts, as well as Filipino Martial Arts and Krav Maga for weaponry and self defence.

I now feel worthy of my black belt, but I haven’t finished my research yet. I am keen to earn black belts in Kudo and BJJ, which will equal eight martial arts that I hold black belts in.

The next challenge was how to combine and teach these arts. Sobukan black belts must know that they are worthy of the rank. They should be proficient in all fight ranges; standing, in the clinch, and on the ground. They should be able to hold their own with a karate black belt standing, judo black belt in the clinch and a BJJ blue belt on the ground.

Our syllabus aims to ensure that a Sobukan black belt knows the techniques and drills required for both a Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu black belt (which is essentially a high level karate black belt) and a judo black belt.

Of course it is not just about the end result, but also the journey, and it is equally important that members are achieving milestone goals along the way.

So how can we simultaneously achieve high level skills effectively in three martial arts – or more? This is a constant dilemma, especially as we have limited time together. I will speak more soon about recent changes that have been designed to align our syllabus with our self-defence/fighting ability goals.

One trick is in the Pareto principle, which states that roughly 80% of effects come from 20% of the causes. Personal experience with numerous martial arts over three decades leads me to conclude that once an individual has progressed past the initial skill acquisition stage, partner drills are most efficient and effective for the practice and application stages of mastery.

Also important is principle-based, rather than technique-based learning. This allows us to focus on the overlapping principles common to our martial arts, effectively facilitating simultaneous progress in multiple martial arts.


People coming and going

As you will know, I speak about Sobukan members as the Sobuclan. This is not by chance. I understand that when some students enter a dojo they may see it as no more than purchasing a service, but for me it means much more. Sobukan is my extended family, and you are my brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews.

Martial arts have high turnover rates. Would you expect less from an activity that is designed encourage you to challenge your limits? Life has a habit of throwing curveballs and it is unavoidable that some people cannot continue to be part of Sobukan. People move, change jobs, priorities change, family situations change, health issues play a role. Of course, sometimes people simply want something different.

Every time a Sobuclan member leaves it feels like I have lost a family member. I am going to mention two tonight.

DSC_0917Raghu started with Sobukan just a few months after we opened in 2011. Along with Sei, Nick, Geoff, Pacey, Umehara san, Dylan, Max, Jaden, Joel, Kynan, and Chris Brewster, Raghu  was one of our original ‘Mitcham’ members. Unlike many of our other members who were already experienced martial artists, Raghu was a complete beginner who started martial arts due to the danger in pursuing politics in his home region. Raghu’s enthusiasm is impossible to deny. Since joining Sobukan, Raghu has participated in every demonstration, and his comedy skits have brought the house down. He has competed in every competition. He was the first member from Sobukan to compete in a full-contact fight – which he did against a black belt far bigger than him. He was the first person from SA to compete in Kudo and also the first person from SA to grade in Kudo. In his last competition he fought a ‘perfect’ fight for an amazing win against a far bigger fighter from Melbourne at the Kudo Nationals. Unfortunately a changing economy left the research scientist delivering pizzas, and Sobukan was one of the only reasons Raghu remained in Australia. He went back to Chennai to purchase some agricultural land and found himself at the centre of many opportunities he could only dream of in Australia. He had no choice but to stay in his homeland, but promises to visit someday. I know many of you miss Raghu as much as I do. A toast to our Indian friend!

The next member I would like to mention is John Edgar. The length of time he was able to train with us may have been limited by his health, but his passion and enthusiasm for our dojo was not. I know he would want us to tip a glass of red wine or whisky in his honour. Rest in Peace John.

I mentioned the original Mitcham crew before, and want to extend my appreciation to these people one more time. Sei, Nick, Geoff, Pacey, Umehara san, Dylan, Max, Jaden, Joel, Kynan, and Chris have been training at Sobukan now for five years, or close enough that it doesn’t matter. Recently Sei has really stood out as both a practitioner and a teacher, not only teaching beginners, but also showing an ability to teach high grades. Sei has been training at home since birth, was Sobukan’s very first student at 3 years of age and working keenly toward his black belt.


dsc_7970I see some real leaders in the original group, and you will all recognise that Geoff and Pacey have been pillars of our dojo for a long time now. In fact, I am pretty sure that I get more out of these guys than they get from me! Not all of those members were blessed with the sort of natural talent that shines straight away, but diamonds take time to shine. I look at the discipline and work ethic of people like Dylan and Joel, who remind me so much of myself. My only talent is persistence and dedication. Given enough time, these qualities can beat all.


There have been so many highlights over the past five years, I could not possibly go over them all. Some include:

  • Numerous Japanese and Asian festivals
  • Kudo championships and associated road trips
  • BJJ competitions
  • AMAA competitions
  • Gradings
  • Parties, lunches and chocolate fondue
  • Outdoor training, such as pushing the car around Goodwood Oval, kata at Himeji Gardens and wrestling at the beach
  • Fitness Expos and being on The Project with Sei
  • Featuring in a bunch of Blitz magazine articles
  • Seminars and Training days
  • Watching everyone grow up
  • And all the hours spent rolling, sparring and training on the mats with you all.

I can only imagine the fun we will have over the next five years!

Vision for future

We have come so far, but we have so for to go. Ironically the injuries and illnesses I have had this year have provided a perfect opportunity to slow down, review, reflect, revaluate and redesign a plan for the next five years.

The first and most obvious result is a new syllabus, which is still evolving, to ensure that our members are achieving their objectives. For most people, this means improving their striking, clinching, trapping and grappling skills in order to improve their self defensive ability while having fun and improving their health and fitness. Quite simply, we will spend less time learning long drills and more time practicing skills – which has been a key to success in the Sobukids classes.

I appreciate the frustrations that members feel learning a syllabus of such breadth in limited time. In order to assist I have started creating a few tools to help members learn in their own time, including:

  • A detailed step by step syllabus document complete with hyperlinks to online resources
  • Recording the entire syllabus on video
  • Periodic advanced classes outside regular lesson times

Speaking of advanced classes, vital for the growth and development of the dojo is the upper tier. A steady flow of new students is necessary for the survival of any dojo, but critically important to the culture, skill development, infrastructure and continuity of a dojo is the leadership group.

One core plan that I have is to introduce a leadership development programme, and identify and invite individuals that meet some or all of the leadership criteria to participate.  Participants would then be given guidance in a number of topics relevant to dojo management; such as:

  • Martial arts
  • Teaching
  • Administration
  • Marketing

Which brings me onto the next part of the plan. Adelaide has a distinct lack of quality competition and cross-training opportunities, particularly for children. Not immediately, but some time over the next five years, I would like to establish additional dojo around Adelaide, particularly in the North and South, where we have a lot of students travelling from.

Multiple dojo would enable us to have:

  • Interclub Kudo, kata, grappling, KU demo and self defence demo competitions
  • Regular interclub social events and training days
  • Advanced classes for leadership groups from various dojo

It’s a bit of a catch-22 situation, because we need numbers to grow to expand, and I hope additional dojo will enable us to continue to grow organically, but growth will give us further exciting opportunities that otherwise would not be available.

In particular, I am keen to start planning our first Sobukan training trip to Japan, which I hope will become an annual event with more members joining us each year. This will inject our dojo with further skills, cultural understanding – and it will be a lot of fun!!

I also want to host martial art masters from around the world for seminars, gradings and competitions in SA. Usually when big names come to Australia, SA is left off the itinerary. With a strong Sobukan network here in SA we will be able to influence who visits SA and generally be able to host some of the best martial artists.

One of the first visitors I hope to invite to Adelaide is a Kudo master from Japan, Watanabe shibucho. He is an excellent instructor who I learned a great deal from during my recent trip.

I also hope to establish a sister dojo relationship with a dojo in Japan for student and instructor exchange programmes. I have a couple of potential dojo in mind for this.


Of course, all these flights and accommodation cost money, so fundraising will be required. When I set the prices for Sobukan, I made them as cheap as I thought was possibly sustainable, as I wanted training to be accessible for everyone. I am proud to say that despite rising costs, I have not raised dojo fees once. My desire is still to help anyone who seeks it, and therefore I have no plans to increase fees to raise funds.

I am open to all ideas, but selling snags at Woollies or Bunnings might be a good way to hand out flyers as well as make a few dollars – kill two birds with one stone and get some training in during quiet periods! Please cooperate when you can.

As mentioned previously, we need to expand our student base to establish additional dojo and to make trips Japan, competitions, seminars, sister dojo etc a reality. Your cooperation in getting the word out and introducing people is the best form of advertising. We haven’t really done much in terms of advertising/marketing in the past, and we haven’t really needed to, but as we have a few people who will be reaching black belt level over the next five years, we now have the foundation in place to start thinking bigger and better.

I have some new flyers in the works and have given some thought to a revamped logo. I have moved away from the yin yang design as I feel that it is more of a Chinese Tao design that illustrates a very black or white reflection on life. I do not feel this accurately reflects the complex reality of the world we live in.

103267Therefore, I have moved towards a mitsudomoe design, a triple teardrop shaped circle swirl that better relects the Japanese and Okinawan heritages of Sobukan martial arts. It pays homage to KU; the Okinawan royalty (who were patrons of Okinawan martial arts); and Hachiman, the patron God of warriors;. It illustrates swirling water – be water, my friend!

Three sides give better balance than two. Always look for a third option. Always look past black and white, look at the grey. Self defence is not about win or lose, but survive. The third section offers an alternative – a win/win solution.

You will see the concept of ‘3s’ appear more and more in our studies. Three options represent a good balance. Three techniques are easy to remember, four start to get confusing. Two can be insufficient or predictable.

The three sections of mitsudomoe symbolise 天地人, or Heaven, Earth, Man.  In our case, they also represent 打投極, or strike, throw, and submit. Or立組寝(stand, clinch, ground). Our three primary arts of Kudo, Karate/KU, Jujutsu. 心技体, or spirit, technique, body. And of course 総武館SoBuKan.

So, in a nutshell, my vision includes:

  • An evolving syllabus that develops strong all-round self defence skills, but allows individual flexibility and creativity
  • Outside of class learning support
  • Leadership development programme
  • Dojo in North and South
  • Interclub comps and training events
  • Training trips to Japan
  • Masters from Japan etc visiting for seminars and gradings
  • Sister school in Japan
  • Updated image.

Please allow me to finish by reiterating my deep appreciation for making this past five years some of the most rewarding of my life. I am very proud that I have several students who are well on their way to achieving the coveted black belt and many more who have achieved so much since they first walked through these doors.

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5 year anniversary and grading results

dsc_7180What a massive weekend! Thank you to everyone who attended our 5th anniversary celebration on Saturday night. It was recently brought to my attention that some football league decided to hold their ‘Grand Final’ on the same day again – and again without even consulting me. So inconsiderate. Hopefully they give more thought to their timing in the future.

For those who were not able to attend, I gave a talk about the history of Sobukan, some of our highlights, recognised a few people’s contributions to our dojo, and importantly I spoke about my vision for the next five years of our dojo.

Find the speech here, but a summary of my plan for the next five years includes:

  • A flexible syllabus that promotes strong self defence skills in every fighting range
  • Learning support outside of class
  • Leadership development programme
  • Additional Sobukan dojo
  • Interclub comps and training events
  • Annual training trips to Japan
  • Host masters from Japan for seminars, competitions and gradings
  • Sister school in Japan
  • Updated image and more active promotion

Before I forget, please note that the following class will not run in October:
Wednesday 15: Kids Karate (due to interstate travel) – adult classes will run as normal.
Apologies for any inconvenience.

I could not be prouder of everyone who tested for their new grades. I was slightly stricter with my scoring than I have been in previous tests, and was delighted to see that the additional energy that we have invested in preparing for this grading was not wasted. The skill level was the highest I have seen in each belt group in any test to date, and the discipline and concentrated demonstrated over the two six hour sessions was admirable.

As I have explained to everyone, there is no pressure to grade immediately. The grading test gives me an opportunity to evaluate your current ability, offer feedback and prepare to grade you when you are ready. Many people will be awarded their belts immediately, others will be awarded their belts once they have demonstrated the required level in some remaining criteria. If you do not grade immediately I understand you will be disappointed. Please use that disappointment to motivate yourself to improve.

Please find a list of those who have passed immediately below. More will be added shortly, I am sure! Please don’t hesitate to ask me for feedback outside of lesson times, including via email.


Junior yellow (10kyu)
Super yellow (9kyu)
Junior orange (8kyu)
Super orange (7kyu)
Junior green (6kyu)
Super green (5kyu)


Super blue (3kyu)
Junior brown(2kyu)
Senior yellow (5kyu)
Sean Colyer
Ali Jones
Orange (4kyu)
Daniel Carlesso
Chris Maltezo
Daniel Scibilia
Green (3kyu)
Sean Walker
Tristan Walker
Jo Purvis
Brown (1kyu)
Geoff Tynan

Important dates                                                                                                                                                                                   

Date Time Event
Wed Oct 12 6 – 7pm NO KIDS CLASS – adults classes will run as normal
Fri Nov 18 7pm Martial art demonstration to raise money for Childhood Cancer Association
Around March TBC Kudo competition in SA
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October news

As you are aware, this week marked five years since Sobukan kicked off, and the Sobukan 5th anniversary celebration and grading tests are this weekend!

I look forward to sending out more detailed information after the weekend – good luck everybody!!

Please note that the following classes will not run in October:

Saturday 1:           Jujutsu and Kumite (due to grading)

Wednesday 15: Kids Karate (due to interstate travel) – adults classes will run as normal

Apologies for any inconvenience. Please note that Monday 3 will be open as normal despite the public holiday.

Important dates                                                                                                                                                                                   

Date Time Event
Sat Oct 1 10am Senior grading – no regular Jujutsu/Kumite classes.
Sat Oct 1 5pm Sobukan 5th anniversary party

Where: at the dojo

When: 5pm, Saturday 1 October

Who: all past and present members and their families

Why: 5th anniversary of the establishment of Sobukan

I will supply:

• Pizzas

• Sushi

• Plates

• Cups

• Movies for the kids

• Some games

• Japanese sake/shochu

• A bottle of Yamazaki whiskey – which recently won a global whiskey competition!!

Could you please bring:

• Some food to share

• Your own drinks

• Any games you have – I am particularly keen to get Twister for the kids!

• A great attitude!

Please keep in mind that we have the junior grading the next morning, so let’s enjoy ourselves but keep the premises clean and tidy.

Please ensure that you have a plan so that you don’t drink and drive.

I look forward to spending some time with you all outside of training and talking with you about some of the highlights of the past five years and my vision for the next five years.

Sun Oct 2 10am Junior grading
Wed Oct 12 6 – 7pm NO KIDS CLASS – adults classes will run as normal
Fri Nov 18 TBC Martial art demonstration at Hilton Hotel
Around March TBC Kudo competition in SA
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Balance is important for everyone, and students struggle as much as anyone. Samurai culture focused on the twin paths of academia and martial arts, which they termed bunburyodo:%e6%96%87%e6%ad%a6%e4%b8%a1%e9%81%93

文 literature or learning

武 martial arts

両 both

道 path, way

This concept remains valid today. Experts recommend balancing studies with regular physical exercise. Physical fitness improves general health, concentration, stamina, self-esteem and builds a culture of self-discipline. A great martial arts dojo can be very effective at addressing each of these qualities by challenging each area of a student’s physical fitness, as well as developing problems solving skills, resilience and confidence.

Cultivating both the body and the mind is important. Physical strength without education can lead to loutish behaviour. Intelligence without health can be a waste of a great asset.

When selecting a dojo, particularly for beginners, I recommend researching further than your local church or school gym. Not all dojo are equal, and not all suit the same purpose.

Ask yourself what outcomes you wish to achieve, and check that the dojo syllabus matches your needs. For example, if your main motivation is to bully-proof a child, a school that focuses on inappropriate responses such as head-kicks or eye-pokes won’t be your best choice.

Your child would benefit more from a school that teaches a range of tactics that include avoidance, escape, verbal de-escalation techniques, defence and control techniques. The curriculum would also include safe contact sparring and wrestling.

Finally, in order to fit within your lifestyle, consider the lesson schedule. Is one two-hour lesson easier to fit within your week, or would a few short sharp hour sessions be a better fit? Sobukan tries to accommodate both.

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We have been invited to demonstrate martial arts at the 10th anniversary of OzAsia, Adelaide’s premier Asian festival, on Sunday 25th September from 1pm until 2pm, and I would love for everyone to be involved in some capacity.
Please reply with your availability at your earliest possibility before Sunday 11th September so that I can plan our involvement.
This will be a great opportunity not only to demonstrate our wares and generate interest in Japanese martial arts, but also to prepare for our grading, which is scheduled for the following weekend. I apologise for the families of children who will be busy with Sobukan events two Sundays in a row, and thank you for your commitment and cooperation.
I anticipate that our activities on the day will follow previous demonstrations, and I should include some of the following:
  • Kumite (I will try to match kids and adults in advance for fair and friendly matches)
  • Kata
  • Two-person drills, such as tegumi, quadrant, throw drills, ground drills, lock drills, choke drills
  • Jujutsu technique
  • Self defence skit (but a replacement for Raghu will need to be found)
There will be plenty that new students can do. White belts are requested to attend and help set up, pack up, talk to spectators about Sobukan/martial arts, practice their skills and offer general support.Moon lantern festival (10)
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September news – Sobukan 5th anniversary!

The Sobukan 5th anniversary celebration and grading tests are only one month away, over the weekend of 1st – 2nd October!

DSC_0917I would like to welcome a number of new students on board and also farewell Raghu, who has moved back to India. You are all like family members (hence the term ‘Sobuclan’) to me and it is always sad when someone moves away or circumstance otherwise prevents them from continuing training. Raghu has been a loyal and enthusiastic Sobukan member since December 2011. He came to me with no martial arts experience and is now one of our most technical martial artists. In these four and a half years he has competed in a number of full-contact tournaments, participated in many expos and demonstration events and barely missed a Sobukan event. He was the first SA resident to compete and receive a grade in Kudo. I for one will miss Raghu very much and wish him all the best in India.


5th anniversary

gold-mini-balloon-number-five-topper-9f5Sobukan turns five in September! Our dojo is now older than some of its members!

On Saturday 1st October from about 5pm, please congregate at the dojo for a celebration party, with family friendly martial arts movies, games, sushi, pizza and drinks. Please bring your own drinks, and some snack to share would be appreciated. If you have any games that you think might be interesting, please also bring them along. I can bring a poker set, and Pictionary – does anyone have Twister?



The adults grading will be held from 10am Saturday 1 October.

Sobukids will test the following day, from 10am on Sunday 2 October.

As per normal, we will start with yellow belt tests and progress through the ranks. All advanced grades are required to participate in the entire grading, and demonstrate improved proficiency in previous belt levels. Particularly for first timers, by all means strive for perfection, but the pass mark is 80%. If you do not achieve 80% on the first try, you will be given feedback and an opportunity to finish your grading at a later date when you have had a chance to practice.

Please note that a $25 grading fee is payable in advance.


Some members are training for a BJJ competition on November 12, so we are currently polishing up on our grappling.

Consequently we will delay a Kudo SA tournament until early 2017. Before organising, I want to ensure that we have a few athletes ready. If you are interested in competition, show your dedication to training now! A lot of work goes into organisation, so volunteers are very welcome!
I am also looking into options for children and adults to compete locally in Karate or cross-discipline tournaments. Unfortunately, quality karate competitions for children in SA are few and far between, but I will keep looking!


Important dates

Date Time Event
Sat Oct 1 10am Senior grading
Sat Oct 1 5pm Sobukan 5th anniversary party
Sun Oct 2 10am Junior grading
Sat Nov 12 All day State BJJ competition – classes on that day to be advised
Feb/March   Kudo competition in SA
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August news

Important dates

Date Time Event
Sat Oct 1 10am Senior grading
Sat Oct 1 5pm 5th anniversary pizza/movie/drinks celebration
Sun Oct 2 10am Junior grading
Nov/Dec?   Kudo competition in SA


The next grading is only two months away! Will you be ready?

The actual date(s) will be decided soon. I hope to test adults and children on different days, as each takes several hours, over the first weekend in October to coincide with our 5th anniversary celebration.

For the next couple of months, classes will focus on grading criteria. We have a broad syllabus, and it is not possible to practice every level’s requirements each lesson, so it is important that you practice outside of class. In order to help you prepare, I have been systematically video-taping the syllabus. Yellow belt is done and I will be working on Orange next. If you would like a video of your next grading, please bring a large capacity USB that is compatible with Apple products.

gold-mini-balloon-number-five-topper-9f55th anniversary

Sobukan turns five in September! Our dojo is now older than some of its members!

Let’s combine a grading (overdue for many) with a celebration over the first weekend in October – which happens to be a long weekend. We can test the adults on Saturday and the kids on Sunday and have a bit of a party Saturday night. How does a movie and pizza at the dojo followed drinks at Avoca Hotel sound for Saturday night?


I am planning to hold a Kudo SA tournament at the end of the year, or early next year at the latest. A lot of work goes into organisation, so volunteers are very welcome!

Before organising, I want to ensure that we have a few athletes ready. If you are interested in competition, show your dedication to training now!

I am also looking into options for children and adults to compete locally in BJJ, Karate or cross-discipline tournaments. Unfortunately, quality karate competitions for children in SA are few and far between, but I will keep looking!


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July news

Important dates

Date Time Event
July 10 1 – 5pm AMAA training day
July 16 Kudo QLD championships
Oct 1 – 3 5th anniversary of Sobukan and grading – please keep this weekend free!
Nov/Dec – TBC Kudo competition in SA?

One month has already passed since I returned from Japan, and Sobukan sessions have been a blast!

We have a new syllabus that formalises self-defence and sparring requirements, and reflects those goals. You may have noticed that classes are faster paced, with a stronger emphasis on consolidation of basic techniques, namely:

  • Punches
  • Kicks
  • Knees
  • Break-falls
  • Simple throws and sweeps

Jujutsu classes are now more dynamic, and focus on self-defence applications against habitual acts of physical violence (HAPVs) from standing and on the ground. There is even more sparring in Kumite classes.

While there are a few people that have not yet returned to classes since my trip to Japan, I have been very pleased with attendance and energy levels. Please keep it up!!


I have had a few questions about the next grading test. We have quite a few adults ready for their next grade, and our children are training hard for new belts too. It is only a couple of months until Sobukan’s 5th anniversary, so I plan to incorporate a grading into our celebrations. Start preparing now!!

5th anniversary

Sobukan turns five in September! Our dojo is now older than some of its members!

I am considering options to celebrate this milestone at the end of September or the beginning of October, and your feedback is welcome. Some ideas include:

  • Camping
  • BBQ
  • Picnic
  • Movie night and sleep over at the dojo
  • Seminar/training day(s)
  • Grading


Kudo QLD will hold a competition on Sat July 16 in the Gold Coast. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend this event. If you are keen to compete, please let me know.

I am planning to hold a Kudo SA tournament at the end of the year, or early next year at the latest. A lot of work goes into organisation, so volunteers are very welcome!

I am also looking into options for children to compete locally. Unfortunately quality karate competitions for children in SA are few and far between, but I will keep looking!

AMAA Training day

The Australian Martial Arts Association has invited me to teach at their interclub cross training day, and you are welcome too! This is a good opportunity to learn about martial arts as diverse as Kudo, BJJ, Taekwondo/Hapkido, Judo and knife defence techniques.

  • When:   Sunday 10 July, 1pm – 5pm
  • Where: Hackham East Primary School Gym
  • Cost:       $20
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Sobukan kicks off June 1

After two months training in Kudo, Hakkoryu Jujutsu, Karate and MMA in Japan, I look forward to returning soon and teaching you all I have learned!

There will be some changes at Sobukan, including:

  • A revised syllabus
  • Greater focus on building strong basics
  • A recalibration towards more effective and productive training methods
  • More sparring in Kumite classes
  • More self-defence and jujutsu technique in Karate lessons

Of course, we will still have loads of fun learning to strike, clinch, grapple, trap and lock with a great bunch of friendly people.

The first class back will be on Wednesday June 1.

Please come along and bring your family, friends and colleagues!

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