Chris Gillies

A sensei must be more than just an instructor, they should be a passionate student, a supportive coach, a role model and a trusted friend. Their lessons are not isolated to the dojo, and their personal achievements reflect good judgment and discipline.

The value of a sensei may be measured by the quality of their advanced students.

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Chris Gillies

Chris Gillies is a proud father, a multilingual university graduate, a passionate martial artist and the head instructor of Sobukan dojo.

Chris Gillies has coached and competed in Kudo, full-contact Karate, Kickboxing, and BJJ, winning state and national titles.

He has trained in martial arts for more than 35 years, including in Australia, Japan, Okinawa, Thailand, and Brazil. 

Martial ArtGradeInstructor
JujutsuBlack belt (4th degree)Okuyama Ryuho Soke (Japan)
KarateBlack belt (4th degree)GM Vince Palumbo (Aust)
JudoBlack beltMichael Headland Sensei (Aust)
Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo JutsuBlack beltPatrick McCarthy Hanshi (Aust)
Shito-ryu karateBlack belt Fujimoto Sadaharu Kaicho (Japan)
John Boswell Sensei (Aust)
PangamotBlack belt SGM ‘Cacoy’ Canete (Philippines)
GM Vince Palumbo (Aust)
Kudo / DaidojukuBrown beltAzuma Takashi Jukucho (Japan)
Brazilian JiujitsuBrown beltProfessor Pedro Galiza (Brazil)
Krav MagaPractitioner 5Master Graham Kuerschner (Aust)

Steven ‘Pacey’ Pace

Sempai Steven ‘Pacey’ Pace

Pacey sempai is the first and only person to have received a Sobukan black belt. He also holds a black belt in Jissen Budo and level 1 in Kinetic Fighting. He has competed in Kudo and BJJ. His skill in all ranges of the martial arts are only surpassed by his personal character and integrity.

7 Responses to Instructors

  1. Hamish Fraser says:

    Gday Chris we trained together with John Boswell looks like you have had an interesting martial arts jurney well done I have a little club in the northern suberbs it’s going well it would b good to have a chat one day .Hamish

    • chrissensei says:

      Hi Hamish,

      Of course I remember you, how are you? I touched base with Boswell sensei recently, must call him again. By all means lets catch up sometime.


  2. Linden Wheare says:

    Where is your dojo Chris

  3. Linden Wheare says:

    Hi chris. My no is 0400836543. I just want to know where your dojo is and your fees please. Thx

  4. Matt says:

    Hi Chris, looks like you are doing great things with families, children & martial arts. I remember our training with Master Palumbo and the demonstrations we participated in fondly. I often remember your explosive style with admiration. I intend to catch up and say hi at some point. Best wishes, Matt Hogan

    • chrissensei says:

      Hi Matty, great to hear from you. I am still grateful for your assistance with some martial art demonstrations. Please do try to find the time to drop by. Regards Chris.

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