Class schedule

Due to the instructor being posted overseas, Sobukan has closed its doors as at 28 February 2018. Sincere apologies for any inconvenience.

Day Start Finish Ages Class
Mon 6pm 6:50pm 5 – 13 Kids karate
Mon 7pm 8pm 12+ Karate
Mon 8pm 9pm 16+ Kumite
Wed 6pm 6:50pm 5 – 13 Kids karate
Wed 7pm 8pm 12+ Karate
Wed 8pm 9pm 16+ Kumite
Sat 9:30am 10am Blue belts and above Advanced drilling class
Sat 10am 11am 12+ Jujutsu
Sat 11am 12noon 16+ Kumite
Sat 1pm 1:50pm 5+ Karate-bu (at Japanese Community School)

Class explanations

Kids karate:
IMG_7124Children learn the following skills in a fun, safe environment:

  • kicks and punches
  • throwing and grappling techniques
  • defensive tactics
  • bully prevention

These classes are a great way to develop interpersonal skills, confidence, concentration, discipline and to learn about goal setting.

Ages 5 – 14. Parents may join with prior arrangement.

Kata at Himeji Gardens

Karate: Comprehensive class with a focus on building a strong foundation for self defence or competition via basic technique and drills from Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu.

Skills include striking, throwing, trapping, grappling, submissions, chokes, arresting, weaponry and defensive theory and tactics.

Karate classes are medium intensity and technical. This is where you learn the ‘art’ in martial art. Participation in these classes is required for belt promotion.

Ages 12 and above.


Kumite: These classes are dynamic and challenging, focusing on preparing for Kudo competition or other combat sports. Expect to develop strong strikes, explosive throws/takedowns, and swift submissions.

Kumite classes are safe, and great for building essential qualities for realistic self defence. new members are encouraged to attend Karate classes first.

Ages 14 and above.

Hakkoryu Jujutsu

Jujutsu: This is a highly sophisticated and technical art including locking, throwing, arresting, submission and pain compliance techniques from traditional Japanese Jujutsu, Judo and BJJ.

Ages 12 and above.

Karate-bu: Similar to kids karate classes, karate-bu is held as an extra-curricular activity at the Japanese Community School. Instruction in Japanese only, and participation is limited to current members of the Japanese Community School.

Ages 5 and above.