Kids Karate

Sobukan Kids Karate classes are perfect for primary school aged children. Sobukids learn striking, throwing, grappling and other self-defence skills, including verbal tactics. Classes are physical, fun and focused on safety, with lots of game-based learning. Children learn important life skills and qualities, including how to defend themselves against bullies, how to achieve goals, and develop discipline and concentration. Watch your children develop and see if their school grades also improve!


Sobukan Karate classes are a composite of several styles of martial art including Kudo/Daidojuku, Muay Thai, Kyokushin, Shito-ryu and Okinawan Kempo. You will learn fast and powerful striking, throwing and grappling techniques for self-defence. Training methods including solo and multiple person drills, padwork, sparring, and scenario training. Sobukan Karate classes have proven popular with beginners and experienced martial arts who want to take the next step in their martial art journeys.


Sobukan Jujutsu classes combine arresting and self-defence techniques from Japanese Jujutsu, throws from Judo, wrestling takedowns, weapon defence from Filipino Pangamot and grappling from Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ). The head instructor has spent more than 35 years learning martial arts, including 6 years in Japan and 2 years in Brazil to bring together the world’s best jujutsu techniques. Sobukan Jujutsu classes are ideal for emergency services officers, police officers, security and compliance officers and anyone interested in realistic self-defence.


Outdoor classes might happen at a park, beach or even at Himeji Japanese Gardens, but are usually held at Thalassa Park in Aberfoyle Park. These classes are strictly for members only (no trials) and allow us to focus on our goals while enjoying the beauty of nature. 

Kids KarateMon & Wed6pm6:45pm
KarateMon & Wed7pm8pm
JujutsuMon & Wed8pm9pm

917a South Road Clarence Gardens. Enter from Gladys Street.

Free trial lesson – no booking required

Please bring a mask, water, family and friends, but leave your ego at the door!