Anniversary of Japan disaster

I cant believe a year has passed since the Japan disaster. It was an unbelievable experience. Constant earthquakes, rapidly rising raditation, no sleep for days on end, thousands of people disappearing before your eyes, no food or water in shops (even in Tokyo), and a lack of phone communication and transport. Yet the Japanese people are incredibly stoic and even in the immediate aftermath they continued their daily routines with hardly a hint of the complex cocktails of emotions we all felt. Lets pause to remember the 20,000 lost, and millions who lost family, friends, pets, jobs, homes and lives as they knew them. And let us not forget the thousands who will be sick in the future from radiation exposure. I miss you Japan.

There are many activities on today to mark the one year anniversary:·

A Memorial Picnic will be held today from 1pm in the South Parklands, west of Himeji Garden. There will be a short ceremony at 4pm, followed by a minute’s silence at 4:12pm.

It would be appreciate if all available Sobukan students can come to Himeji gardens at noon for a yagai geiko training session. Please wear your gi.

·         The JETAA are supporting the “Big Bento Lunch” initiative to raise money UNICEF to fund their ongoing relief effort in the region. Visit the website to see how you can join in.

·         You can send a message of support to the people of Tohoku as part of the “Million Hearts for Japan” project. Post on the wall and your message will be taken to Tohoku and displayed on special screens that have been set up.

·         JAFA is looking for volunteers to go to some of the most harshly affected areas to help with ongoing clean-up and relief efforts. The number of volunteers in the region has dropped off dramatically and more help is needed. If you are interested in volunteering, click on the link below.

If you’re interested in donating money to sponsor volunteers, click here.

·         The Sunday Mail are planning a special feature on the first anniversary of the disaster.

·         Paul Bilney will give a presentation on his most recent visit to Ishinomaki at J-KAI this Thursday.

·         Finally, all of the international networks will run anniversary coverage throughout the day. There will also be a number of other documentaries running on Foxtel’s Discovery Channel on Sunday: –          Megaquake : the hour that shook Japan –          Emergency in Fukushima –          Beyond the tsunami with Ken Watanabe –          Rebuilding Japan
Furthermore, a documentary entitled “Children of the Tsunami” will be screened on Sunday at 8:30pm on ABC2.

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