Blitz magazine

I am very pleased to announce that Sobukan is featured in the 25th anniversary edition of Blitz, Australia’s biggest martial arts magazine!

Martial art clubs compete for the chance to participate in the Technique Workshop segment of Blitz. Despite the fact that we are such a young club, Blitz magazine contacted me to offer a three month series in the magazine, including this collector’s item! I was very humbled and honoured.

Those involved might notice that one of the techniques has been cut from the workshop, but I am still extremely happy with the result. I hope that this may help Sobukan continue to grow upwards and outwards.

Thank you so much to Ben Stone of Blitz for the opportunity; Dan Sinclair, Dizzy Gillespie and Shaun Donaldson ( for being in the photos; to my wife Miho for taking the shots; and Hanshi Patrick McCarthy for allowing me to use a Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu tegumi drill in the demonstration.

Please pick up a copy!

Blitz technique workshop

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