June newsletter


Congratulations to our new orange belts, Shane Webster and Julie and Geoff Tynan, and new yellow belts Vasco Villaran, Dylan Lake, Nick Gillies and Raghu (not even going to try his full name). We have a few more who will be ready to grade very soon, including Greg Lake, who was away at for the grading, but has already demonstrated his ability at the Japanese festival.

Now that the grading test has passed, and students are starting to reach the intermediate levels, we have been sweating bucket loads and training more live combative skills applicable to both MMA and self-defence. The winter months will be all about sweating, and learning valuable defensive skills.

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Curriculum changes

I have made some tweaks to the grading syllabus. For seniors, the changes are minor, but juniors will notice a stripe between colour grades. This enables requirements to be divided into more manageable blocks and more clearly clarifies required learning. No grading fees are payable for the stripes.


Recently we have been discussing the Japanese axiom, bunbu ryodo (文武両道). This epitomises the samurai approach to education in Japan, and holds value for us in Australia as well. Basically, it instructs us to follow the twin paths of academic and martial (physical) learning in a balanced manner. Students, please don’t neglect your physical fitness or your education.

Below is the meaning of the idiom broken-down:

文 literature, academia, education

武 martial arts, warfare

両 twin, both, two

道 path, way, style.


As you are aware, the Wheelchair classes start this weekend. We don’t have any students signed up for these classes yet, so please pass on the word, and until they take off, we will be using this time to practice advanced jujutsu techniques.

We will also train on Sunday at Himeji Gardens from 9am. These sessions are incredibly tranquil and are a great opportunity to ask questions and receive more personalised attention at a slower pace. We usually focus on jujutsu, kata and other drills, and meditation.


Jason Griffiths is visiting Adelaide for a seminar on Sat 30 June. While I cannot attend the class due to my Saturday commitments (Sei’s Japanese school and the wheelchair classes), I hope that we have a large Sobukan contingent representing us and bringing the goods back. We had half a dozen attendees last time, and it would be great if we can get 8-10 going along if possible.

Adelaide Seminar Poster – Nepai June 2012

DVDs and books

Some people have asked about instructional DVDs or other material they may use to aid their learning. We all have different learning styles, you will find that books and DVDs can work really well for visual learners in particular, as long as you apply what your learn soon after viewing the material. Here are my tips:

Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu (Karate)

A great portion of the KU drills we practice are available for purchase on DVDs. In particular, DVD#1 (tegumi) and DVD#9 (nyumon) are invaluable reference points for tegumi, kata, and a whole range of other drills we cover. For advanced learners, the Bubishi is the ultimate karate resource, but its ancient, eclectic and random manner may confuse beginners. All are available via the International Ryukyu Karate Jutsu Research Society webpage below. http://www.koryu-uchinadi.com/index1.html


Fortunately judo learning materials are very accessible on youtube, books, DVDs, iphone applications etc etc. I recommend Jigoro Kano’s Kodokan Judo and anything by Kyuzo Mifune, such as The Canon of Judo and the Kodokan Judo DVD. For newaza (ground grappling), look for Kosen (Koshen) Judo. Also check out the Princeton University Judo website. http://princetonjudo.org/princetonjudo/gokyu/


Unfortunately most good shooto DVDs and books are available in Japanese only, but there is a myriad of MMA material available. Youtube is a great place to start. Some great texts for MMA include Renzo Gracie’s Mastering Jujitsu, Ken Shamrock’s Beyond the Lion’s Den, BJ Penn’s Mixed Martial Arts and the list goes on. The single best ground grappling book available is probably Saulo Ribeiro’s Jiujitsu University. For no-gi grappling, try Eddie Bravo’s 10th planet, or anything with Jean-Jacques or Rigan Machado and Royler or Roger Gracie. Karo Parisyan’s Judo for MMA has some great content, but some annoying errors.


Hakkoryu Jujutsu does not produce publically accessible DVDs, books etc and do not hold seminars. Therefore pretty much anything found online is pretty bad. I have the series of books that are only available for direct students, but these are worth their weight in diamonds, so I won’t be lending them out.

Wheelchair classes

I will be starting classes for wheelchair students on Saturday afternoons on Sat 2 June at 3pm – but don’t have any students for these classes just yet! If you know anyone in a wheelchair who may be interested, please pass on my contact details. I anticipate a need for regular students to assist in these classes. If available on Saturday afternoons, please come along. Wheelchair classes will focus on Hakkoryu Jujutsu and grappling techniques. This is a great opportunity to learn advanced jujutsu technique and give back to the club and society.

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