August news – moving?? New class times??

August news

Congratulations to our new yellow belts Aravind, Chris B, Harper, Max, Ethan and Joshua and our new orange belts Tom and Will Cernev! Also welcome to new students Kiara, Mark, Ollie, Mia, Noah, Steve, James, Henry, Regan, Evan and David. Sorry if I have forgotten any names!

Sobukan may be moving!!!

Clearly we have outgrown our current premises and the adult class generally has to be split into upstairs and downstairs classes. It takes close to an hour to set up before each class and the mezzanine has its own safety challenges. Recently I have been searching for larger premises in the area. I think I have found an ideal location, but want your feedback. If approved, we may move as soon as September!

The Goshinkan Kodokan judo club at 917A South Road Clarence Gardens is a huge dedicated dojo with a two matted spaces and a carpeted area for wheelchair classes. It is very well equipped to accommodate the growing number of Sobukan students. This well-established and respected dojo has similar philosophies to Sobukan and has direct links in Japan for students wishing to train in the land of origin, or just benefit from visiting instructors. Goshinkan holds regular social events and seems like a good, fun club to be involved with.

Despite a rent increase there is no plan to increase training fees at this time as I anticipate that the club will continue to grow, absorbing the additional expense. However the annual fee will return to the standard $50 fee to cover the Goshinkan membership fee, rather than the $30 which has been subsidised since we opened in September last year. Obviously geographically this will be more convenient for some, less convenient for others, but it is 5km away from the MCV.

Class times would also change to:

Juniors – Mon and Wed 6 – 6:50pm

Seniors – Mon and Wed 7 – 9pm

Jujutsu and wheelchair – Sat 10 – 11:30am

The ground level dojo is much more spacious with better mats, which will increase the safety and access of our training environment. It will therefore also allow more opportunity for special needs students to join. For current students, it means that we will have much more freedom to do conditioning, sparring, randori, groundwork, MMA training, and self-defence scenarios. There is also an audio-visual set for learning from DVDs etc.

You would also have access to weightlifting equipment, training ropes, resistance bands and other training aids. Sobukan students would also become Goshinkan members, meaning you are able to train every single day of the week if you wish!! Goshikan charges $5 per judo lesson.

Students interested in competition will have an option to compete in judo, BJJ, karate or MMA rules, but of course students will not be pressured to compete. I believe that this solution will help us achieve a healthier, happier safer life. Apart from the location and training times, I cannot see any disadvantages for students, but please let me know what you think.

Please read the information below carefully and respond with either:

a)    This sounds great, I will continue to train at Sobukan after the move;

b)    I am not sure, maybe I will give it a try; or

c)     It’s too far, I won’t be able to continue if Sobukan moves.

Anniversary dinner

Sobukan opened on 27 September 2011 – meaning it is soon our first anniversary! It would be great if we can all get together and celebrate at a dinner at a Japanese restaurant. I am open to other ideas if you have suggestions for a celebration. Awards will also be given out on the night.

Karate ni sente nashi

空手に先手なし – ‘Karate ni sente nashi’  means ‘no first hand in Karate’. This means that martial artists should never start fights. Please don’t take this to mean don’t hit first, though. Pre-emptive striking is important in self-defence. Generally the first person to get hit will lose a violent encounter.

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  1. Raghu says:

    a) This sounds great, I will continue to train at Sobukan after the move;

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