November newsletter

October was a huge month! Thank you to all those who attended the anniversary party, for the card, the food and drinks, presents, and of course your presence! Also, thanks to Geoff, Julie and Rob who helped raise money for cancer research by attending the Fight for Life seminar last Sunday. Thanks to everyone who helped move to our new dojo premises, cleaned up after the party and assisted with the Moon Lantern Festival demonstration.

Fight for Life

Congratulations to award winning junior students:
1. Little samurai award – Jayrell
2. Most improved junior student – Max
3. Junior student of the year – Mika
Keep up the great work!!

The next event on the Sobukan calendar is for adult students only – my Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu mentor, 5th dan Renshi Jason Griffiths will conduct a seminar at Sobukan on Saturday 24th November. He will teach flow drills for throws, chokes, armlocks etc. This is a great opportunity to develop advanced skills early, don’t miss out!

We will cancel the morning jujutsu class on the day to conserve energy for the seminar. A poster is attached. Please RSVP asap whether or not you will attend.

When: 2pm Saturday 24th November
Who: All adult students welcome – open seminar
Cost: $45 only

Renshi Jason Griffiths Adelaide Seminar – Sat 24th Nov 2012


I expect to announce a grading date soon. We have a number of students (children and adults) who are nearly ready to demonstrate to me that they are ready for the next belt colour. Watch this space…

We have had some huge sessions recently! Kids classes are booming, and parents can join in the fun for $20 per month. The classes will continue to be unashamedly structured towards children’s needs, but parents can strengthen their relationship with their children by practicing together – in and out of the dojo.

Adults’ classes and wheelchair jujutsu classes still have room/potential for growth, and the extra space has allowed us to split classes into two, so that everyone can focus on lessons that they need, whether for gradings, self-defence, sport or fitness. Some of our recent classes have been very physically challenging! Don’t forget you can come early and work on conditioning while the junior class is running.

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