Blitz instructor’s special

I always have mixed feelings when I open my favourite martial arts magazine to find it plastered with my face. Delight that Sobukan is featured, but then guilt that my ugly mug has defaced the mag. You may find myself (Chris Gillies), assisted by attackers Geoff Tynan and Nate Blardony on page 88-89 of the latest special collector’s edition of Blitz, Instructors’ Fighting Techniques. Thank you gentlemen for being so forthcoming in volunteering to attack me.

We also have mentions in this month’s regular edition of Blitz, in the Martial Art career sections and a blurb about the recent MMA fights in SA. Also look for Shawn Donaldson’s (Denshinkan) most recent installment in his series of articles, this one entitled ‘3 Levels of Control’.

Blitz instructor's special

Blitz instructor’s special

Blitz instructor's special_0002

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  1. Lynette Bassani says:

    Not ugly

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