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Adelaide Sport and Fitness Expo

What an amazing demonstration! Everyone did such an AMAZING job! One solid hour of martial arts on a pro-wrestling stage. How often do you get an opportunity to do that? 22 children and 9 adults put on a polished spirited performance and made us all proud. I have video that I can copy to you if you bring me a USB drive.

First everyone got on stage for a bow in. The children then went through the basic punches and kicks with great spirit – love those kiai! James, Max, Sei, Dylan, Tyzak and Joel then showed the results of weeks of polishing their kata with a precise performance. Geoff and Julie, Nick and Gandalf and Pacey and Raghu then showed the crowd what tegumi is all about. The kids then demonstrated kumite – and what an amazing job they all did! The match-ups led to some amazing fights, no more exciting than twins Jade and Maddie, who had the crowd cheering! The spectators also seemed to enjoy watching me get beaten up by my 6-year old son Sei, in an impromptu sparring session. Pacey and I then demonstrated how kata should be done – solo and with a partner, with a kata that contains some very fancy and high level techniques. Some of the boys then slammed the Thai pads, showing some of our training methods. Next, SA’s only Kudo graded students, Raghu and I demonstrated a handful of combinations before donning the helmets for some Kudo-style sparring. In between, our seniors showed what quadrant drill is all about. We then left the hard stuff behind and demonstrated the beauty of Hakkoryu Jujutsu. First I demonstrated a bunch of street-effective jujutsu technique before Matt Shilcock took the stage and showed us how the techniques can be employed from a wheelchair. Finally Pacey, Raghu and I topped of our demonstration with a comical skit that these fellows had practiced several times a day in preparation for this day. They put in on a great show, earning laughs and cheers! Well done everyone!

Thank you to everyone who made this possible: the children and adults who participated, the parents and partners who sacrifice their time for the benefit of our students. Thank you to our stage manager Jo, and Julie and Geoff who assisted in ensuring that every thing ran smoothly while I was in the ring. Of course, thank you very much to Pete Dichiera (Noah and Mia’s father) who hosted this event and invited us to represent martial arts at the Expo.


IBF Training Day

On Sunday 25th May, I had the honour of being a guest instructor at the IBF Training Day, an annual tradition to raise funds for worthy charities. Six instructors in various martial art styles shared their styles with a wide range of participants, raising $4000 for BeyondBlue. On previous occasions, I have taught Hakkoryu Jujutsu, but on this occasion I introduced Kudo to an intent and energetic crowd. The eternal dilemma of martial art instructors, regardless of style of origin, is the balance between realistic training and safety in training. I presented Kudo competition as a safe, yet relevant and effective method of bridging the very wide gap between the existent competition options: very safe, but ineffective non-contact points sparring and brutal yet effective MMA. Kudo competition allows a wide range of techniques, including striking, throwing and grappling and uses a combination of helmets, light gloves and other equipment to protect participants. Many of the instructors and students present showed an encouraging interest and eagerness in this budo and safe, effective combat sport.

Video here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10202245868859918


Kotowaza 諺

What separates combat sports from martial arts? Kudo Jukucho Azuma Takashi answers ‘philosophy’. All classes end with the Dojo kun, the dojo teachings. All students chant this, as a verbal recommitment to the values instilled in training. Please find the pronunciation, and translation below.


Dojo kun

Wareware wa Kudo no shugyou ni tsuuji

Kyouko naru seishinryoku to tairyoku to o yashinai

Bun ni shitashimi, chiryoku o neri

Hito to musubite, yuujou o tai shi

Motte jinkaku no touya o nashi

Shakai ni kiyokouken suru koto o negau mono nari

Dojo oath

We, through our pursuit of Kudo

Will develop a strong spirit and body

We will familiarise ourselves with literature, and temper wisdom

Connect with people, experience friendship

Lose our egos, and

Endeavour to contribute to society


Technical lesson 技の紹介

Slide and slam! One of the most common and effective striking combinations for wearing down an opponent in combat sports is ‘slide and slam’. The objective is to distract the oppenent with jab punches while sliding to the left in order to set up a damaging thigh kick – gedan mawashi geri. Continue to use the combination until the opponent catches on – and then use their reaction. As they lift the leg to check the kick, consider catching the leg and taking them to the mats with a single leg takedown; catching them unawares with a high kick; or kick underneath the check into the supporting leg.



Slide to left to jab between the opponent's guard

Slide to left to jab between the opponent’s guard

Trap the arms

Trap the arms

Finish with a leg kick, or use this to set up other attacks

Finish with a leg kick, or use this to set up other attacks


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