October news

As you are aware, this week marked five years since Sobukan kicked off, and the Sobukan 5th anniversary celebration and grading tests are this weekend!

I look forward to sending out more detailed information after the weekend – good luck everybody!!

Please note that the following classes will not run in October:

Saturday 1:           Jujutsu and Kumite (due to grading)

Wednesday 15: Kids Karate (due to interstate travel) – adults classes will run as normal

Apologies for any inconvenience. Please note that Monday 3 will be open as normal despite the public holiday.

Important dates                                                                                                                                                                                   

Date Time Event
Sat Oct 1 10am Senior grading – no regular Jujutsu/Kumite classes.
Sat Oct 1 5pm Sobukan 5th anniversary party

Where: at the dojo

When: 5pm, Saturday 1 October

Who: all past and present members and their families

Why: 5th anniversary of the establishment of Sobukan

I will supply:

• Pizzas

• Sushi

• Plates

• Cups

• Movies for the kids

• Some games

• Japanese sake/shochu

• A bottle of Yamazaki whiskey – which recently won a global whiskey competition!!

Could you please bring:

• Some food to share

• Your own drinks

• Any games you have – I am particularly keen to get Twister for the kids!

• A great attitude!

Please keep in mind that we have the junior grading the next morning, so let’s enjoy ourselves but keep the premises clean and tidy.

Please ensure that you have a plan so that you don’t drink and drive.

I look forward to spending some time with you all outside of training and talking with you about some of the highlights of the past five years and my vision for the next five years.

Sun Oct 2 10am Junior grading
Wed Oct 12 6 – 7pm NO KIDS CLASS – adults classes will run as normal
Fri Nov 18 TBC Martial art demonstration at Hilton Hotel
Around March TBC Kudo competition in SA
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