November news

Half price passes for new members!

To celebrate our 5th anniversary, 10 class casual cards will be available for $50 for prospective members until the end of the year! If you would like to encourage someone to join Sobukan, or are looking for a Christmas gift, please consider giving them a 10 class pass!

dsc_7818Paper Crane Ball

Sobukan will open the fully-booked Paper Crane Ball in November to raise money for the Childhood Cancer Association. Our performance will include Japanese drum and flute music and spectacular techniques from Jujutsu and Karate to symbolise the fight against cancer.



We are quickly approaching the end of the year. We usually have a picnic at Himeji Gardens to celebrate. What would you like to do this year?

Kudo Competitions

Want to be a World Champion? What about winning the Nationals?
Kudo yellow belts and above can apply for Australian team selection for the World Cup. If you are interested in competing in the Kudo World Cup in India in February, or at the Arnold Classic in Melbourne in March, it is time to start preparing! Let me know ASAP so we can establish your training schedule and work out a game that suits your fighting style.


Important dates                                                                                                                                                                                   

Date Time Event
Nov 18 6pm Paper Crane Ball (Hilton)
Dec 17 Afternoon Bonenkai celebration – what would you like to do this year?
Dec 24 10am – noon Last session for 2016
Jan 9 6pm First session for 2017
Feb 10-13 All day Kudo World Cup (Mumbai, India)
March 17-19 All day Arnold Classic (Melbourne) – Kudo Nationals
April 1-2 All day Grading (tentative date)
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