May news

Thank you very much to everyone who helped out with the fundraising sausage sizzle.

While it was a quiet shopping day and we only raised $100 more than the cost of expenses, it was a great opportunity to spend time together, generate interest in the dojo, and hand out a few flyers. It was also nice to unwind with many helpers at the Avoca afterward. The money raised went towards dojo fees for a family that really needs it at the moment.

Thanks go to Geoff, Sei, Pacey, Levi, Jacynta, Sam, Sean C, Sean W, Tristan W, Satoe, Mayumi, Brad, Stephanie, Umehara san, Gail, Aiko and Meg.IMG_9684

Congratulations to everyone who achieved a new grade this month! congratulations to everyone who achieved a new grade this month! The dojo is looking very colourful, we need some new white belts! We also have three more ready to grade, but have missed a few lessons.

New junior grades
10th: Amelie, Maya and Nina
8th kyu: Satoe
7th kyu: Ciaran and Shunyo
5th kyu: Kashish
4th kyu: Ben, Jade, Madi
3rd kyu: Jyah
1st kyu: Sei

New senior grades
5th kyu: Jacynta, Zandy, Levi, Sam
4th kyu: Sean C, Matthew
3rd kyu: Daniel C
2nd kyu: Takumi, Tristan

Competition training

Sunday training is back – for a limited time! Times and locations will be posted weekly on the Sobukan and Kudo South Australia Facebook pages. We will focus on the 3Cs of Counters, Combinations, and above all, Conditioning.

For those competing in June, please attend Sunday training when possible, and also:

  • Attend all classes
  • Run at least 3 times a week, including sprints
  • Know your game; practice your counters and combinations daily
  • Visualise yourself winning

Today five of us spent a solid hour of jogging, sprinting, punching, kicking, clinching and pushing my car until we could barely move! I hope to see more join next week – after all it will be my birthday!!

Important dates

Date Time Event
May 6 1pm Karate-bu restarts
June 17-18 All day Kudo competition in Melbourne
June 24 TBC Demonstration at Japanese Cultural Day – Burnside Library
July 11-Aug 14 All day Japan trip
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