September news

Important dates

Date Time Event
Sat Sept 9 1pm 空手部休部
Sat Oct 7 10am Senior grading (TBC)
Sun Oct 8 10am Junior grading (TBC)
Sun Oct 22 All day Kudo Competition in Melbourne
Sat Dec 23 10am Last classes of 2017
Mon Jan 8 6pm First classes of 2018 (TBC)
July 2018 All day Pacey black belt grading 


I intend to hold a grading over the weekend of 7-8 October. Currently I am planning to test adults on the Saturday and juniors on the Sunday, but this may be subject to change. If intending to test for your next grade, please email the following information by October 1.

Current grade:
Belt size:
Any parts of your grading syllabus you are unsure of:

Remember; you are responsible for your own learning. Practice outside of class is essential to do well, and it is always clear and apparent which students have prepared for the examination. Please find a current syllabus attached. Videos are available for most grades to support your learning.

I would wish you luck, but hard work will serve you better. Your success is in your hands.

Kudo Event

The Kudo Victorian Open will be held at Batman Royale in Melbourne on Sunday October 22. We are hoping to field a team of five fighters in this tournament. Pacey, Tristan, Daniel S, Sam and Jacynta have indicated their willingness to compete. Please help them prepare – and take care not to injure them!!

Competitors, you have about 9 weeks to prepare. Please focus on the 3Cs of combinations, counters, and particularly conditioning! In addition to attending as many Sobukan classes as you can, I strongly encourage you to run three times a week, including sprints. Come to the dojo early and work on developing winning combinations and polishing your counters to fire automatically.

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