Temporary COVID safety measures

Sobukan’s mission has not changed for the past decade: we help people to be healthier, happier and safer. I am confident that Sobukan helps our members to improve their physical and mental health and fitness, and provides a strong foundation for self-defence.

We are in the midst of a pandemic, with more COVID cases and hospitalisations than ever before. It would be remiss not to provide as safe and healthy environment as possible for our members.

I remind members of our safety policies and particularly the COVID-19 and infectious disease policy listed below. We are currently in a ‘time of higher risk of infectious disease’, and therefore the relevant measures below apply at all Sobukan training sessions.

In order to minimise risk of transmission of infectious diseases, instructors and students must:

  • observe all COVID-19 rules established by the dojo, venue, and state and federal governments
  • keep the training environment, equipment, facilities and personal attire clean
  • observe physical distancing rules, including 1.5 metres between participants during solo exercises
  • not share gloves, masks, shin-guards and other safety equipment
  • regularly wash hands and observe cough/sneeze hygiene protocols
  • not attend training when unwell or if any close contacts or household members are unwell
  • avoid contact with anyone unwell without appropriate protective equipment.

In times of higher risk of infectious diseases (for example local community transmission is evident), instructors and students should minimise unnecessary contact with others in the training environment, by:

  • working with no more than 2 partners per training session
  • washing and/or using alcohol disinfectant between and after partner-based exercises
  • wearing masks as appropriate
  • have a clear COVID test result before returning to training after experiencing COVID symptoms or having contact with someone experiencing COVID symptoms.

In the event that a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 or a similar infectious disease has been associated with the dojo, training will be suspended immediately until deemed safe to resume.

In addition, I hereby implement the following safety measures, effective immediately and until further notice. These measures apply to everyone in the dojo/training environment without exception, including children, parents and adult members.  Continued consideration will be given to safety measures as developments occur. I appreciate that some of these measures may be inconvenient or uncomfortable, and your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.

  • Masks must be worn over the nose and mount at all times at the dojo, including during training, except when drinking water.
  • During indoor sparring/grappling, Kudo/Koshiki helmets will be worn in addition to masks.
  • During outdoor partner drills, including sparring, masks will be worn.
  • During outdoor solo drills, masks may be removed as long as 1.5 metres distancing is maintained.
  • Limited (fist-bumps) or non-contact (bows) greetings will replace hugs and handshakes.
  • Limit of 30 people in the dojo. Junior members are to leave the dojo by 6:50 and adult members are to enter the dojo after 6:50 to minimise contact between classes. A parent or guardian is able to enter during the junior class.
  • Anyone exposed to a higher risk environment* in the 7 days prior is not to attend the dojo unless a negative COVID RAT or PCR test result has been returned. 

*A higher risk environment is defined as any situation in which social distancing was not possible, unless masks were worn over mouth and nose by all parties. This includes social, work and external martial art training environments, but does not include contact with close family members.

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