Merry Christmas!!

Merry XmasOur last training session of the year will be on Saturday 22nd December for adults, and Wednesday 19th December for juniors. On Saturday 22nd December, let’s meet at Himeji Gardens (South Tce, city) at midday for a picnic. Please wear or bring your gi, and bring your own picnic rug, food and drinks. We will have a short training session and enjoy the tranquillity of the beautiful Japanese gardens.

Himeji Gardens
Himeji Gardens

Our first day back is on Wednesday 2nd January, and we will likely have a ‘kagami biraki’ ceremony on Saturday 5th January. More information to follow. Please keep safe over the Christmas holidays, don’t drink and drive and watch out for those who may be.

Grading – Saturday 15th December 10am.
We have many students (children and adults) who are ready to test for their new belts. Please ensure you bring your grading passport (attached) and the $25 grading fee. If unsure whether you or your child is ready, please come early and see me before class. We have two weeks to prepare, so classes will focus on grading material for the next few lessons.

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