Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, and I hope you all have been enjoying your Australia Day long weekend – I know I have! As per usual, there is training tonight. It is rare for Sobukan to close for public holidays, this usually only happens at Christmas time. I will make a decision about Easter soon.

Thank you very much to Umehara san for arranging calligraphy sessions for us to celebrate the first training of 2013. My 書初め (kakizome- first writing of the year, to set a theme for the following twelve months) for 2013 was 養う (yashinau). Yashinau means to nuture, to cultivate or to develop, and symbolises my desire to cultivate Sobukan, and it’s students development over the coming year(s). It also reflects my family goals.

Many other Sobukan members, both young and not-so-young, also committed to a theme or goal for this year, and took the first step towards committing to that goal by expressing it verbally to the class and by writing it in Japanese as a reminder.Iphone 001

Iphone 002

On the topic of holidays, the Saturday karate-bu classes at the Japanese Community School resumed this weekend, right in time for Australia Day. However, due to the school requiring the hall this coming Saturday 2 February, we will be unable to hold our regular class. Sobukan students may not know that we also run a class at the Japanese school at Rose Park Primary School. In fact, to the best of my knowledge, I believe our karate-bu classes to the only martial art classes in Australia taught to entirely Japanese students, and entirely in the Japanese language.


I have also commenced teaching traditional Jujutsu seminars at Komei Juku – a traditional sword school based in Moana. Whenever we have any visiting students, please make sure they feel very comfortable. If anyone is interesting in supplementing their learning with Iaijutsu (sword drawing) techniques, please let me know and I will arrange an introduction.

Sorry for any recent failure to return emails – we have been without phone and internet at home for a while, and it is just back up. I should be more on top of things now.

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