March update

Can you believe summer is over?! It’s a little sad, really, but on the positive side, it means that we are heading into some cooler weather, ideal for training!

Welcome to Ray, Annie, Daniel, James, Nathan and Kate, the Purvis family, Chal, and Will. I hope you enjoy many years of happy, healthy and safe learning and development at Sobukan. The journey to black belt is long, but you have taken the most important step – the first one. I also look forward to the return of a couple of students who have taken extended breaks – it will be like welcoming a family member home.

I am planning to hold a grading on a Saturday during the next school holidays, sometime in April. Please check your grading syllabus and start charting your progress – you have about 6 weeks! In particular, I predict we will have some new junior yellow and orange belts soon!

I am also considering holding a couple of mini-competitions for Sobukan (and maybe Denshinkan) students. Competitions are a great way to motivate students to train hard and to reach the next level in their development. The competitions would include such events as:

Kids karate class

Kids karate class

Light contact kumite (kids)
Contact kumite (adults)

The competitions would have to be held on a Saturday in school holidays. If you are keen, please let me know.

We have been invited to again demonstrate Japanese martial arts on Sunday 5th May at the Kodomo no hi festival – South Australia’s best and biggest Japanese event. It would be great to have a large cross-section on the day energetically demonstrating tegumi, kata and other karate and jujutsu drills. Hopefully quite a few of our Japanese community school students will be able to attend.

Thank you to everyone who advises me when they need to take extended breaks. I do worry when I don’t see you for a few lessons, so appreciate it when you keep me in the loop. I also really appreciate it when students advise me when they don’t continue training, as this is the best opportunity to receive feedback that can help me to continue to improve Sobukan.

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3 Responses to March update

  1. Lynette Bassani says:

    Where is the Japan Festival being held this year?

  2. Raghu says:

    grading time!! long way to go sensei! i think i could attempt it. But i shall contemplate that over training this saturday.
    Was a lot of fun kodomo ho hi festival last time. Looking forward to be on the mats this time too. Last time we had a small mat area now we grown!
    Very glad about the competition. I always wanted to try it out, not to win but to see if i could survive, but at the same time, wasn’t sure if i would be over stepping my limits. This should be a good test for me and also push me to train harder in the coming weeks.

    Cheers everyone and warm welcome to new students and very happy with the return of the brothers Will & Tom (welcome addition to our weight class@@).

    • chrissensei says:

      Thank you for your unwaivering support Raghu, it is always a pleasure to have you as a student and friend. Good luck with your grading/competition preparation!

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