May news

We have had a very busy couple of months, and some great training sessions. May will be another jam-packed month, as we have the IBF training day, a BJJ competition, Kudo exhibition matches at Adelaide Sports and Fitness Expo and a bit of a celebration in there too. June will be a little quieter, but no less busy as we prepare for a July grading.

Unfortunately we have had a couple of setbacks with booking the Gasshuku (training camp) and obtaining government approval for the Kudo rules which have delayed these events. More information will be available soon.

Sobukids have been really impressing me recently. The classes have been growing and the skill level of the kids is improving out-of-sight! Their discipline and concentration and mutual respect they have been showing sets a great example for new members. Great work, and keep it up kids! Thanks to Pacey, who has been helping with most of the classes.

Also a huge thank you also to Geoff and Pacey who ran classes on Saturday April 18 while I was on a family holiday.

Important dates in 2015

Date Time Event
Sun May 3 All day IBF Training Day – please come along!
Sat May 9 All day BJJ SA championships – no classes held on this day
Sat May 9 8pm Drinks at Avoca Hotel to celebrate the fact that I have survived 3 decades of martial arts and 4 decades of life!
Sun May 10 TBC UFC in Adelaide
Sun May 17 All day Adelaide Sport and Fitness Expo – Kudo demonstration fights
Sat June 13 All day No classes due to trip to Darwin
Wed July 1 Children 5:30pm

Adults 7pm

Grading (TBC)
Sun July 12 All day Traditional Japanese Karate Network championship (non-contact kumite, kata and kata bunkai)
Sat, Sun Aug 29, 30 All day BJJ Australian Championships (in Adelaide)

IBF Training Day

I will be teaching a Kudo session at the IBF training day, and many other quality instructors will be sharing their knowledge. This is a great opportunity to get some great and diverse training, meet likeminded people, and raise money for charity – all for just $40!

IBF May 3 2015

BJJ SA Championships

463Pacey, Jay and I will be competing in BJJ at the SA titles on May 9. If anyone else wants to try out, please let me know ASAP as registration closes on May 3. Please come along and support your team members. A good result may qualify these guys for the Australian titles to be held in SA in August.


The UFC is coming to Adelaide for the first time on Sat May 10th. While the UFC may not be everyone’s cup-of-tea and you may have no plans to become a professional mixed martial artist in the near future, it is an entertaining way to observe and analyse martial art techniques, tactics, counters and combinations. Few could argue the influence the UFC and MMA in general have had over the development of martial arts in the past two decades.

Adelaide Sports and Fitness Expo – Kudo competition

We have been invited to participate in the Adelaide Sports and Fitness Expo again this year! Unfortunately we were not able to get government approval for a Kudo competition on this date, but we will hold demonstration fights. We have about 25 people keen to participate and I will need people to help the fighters prepare, to be timekeepers, etc. Please let me know if you are available to assist.

As the Kudo competition was not possible, I have arranged for the Judo SA titles to be held in our place, but we will work our fights into their breaks. For those participating or helping out, please arrive at the Adelaide Showgrounds by 10am at the latest. Please wear your dogi if participating, or preferably wear Sobukan t-shirts and hoodies if helping out (if you have them). Participants and parents (and all children) get in free.

Sparring with Raghu at the Adelaide Sports and Fitness Expo

Sparring with Raghu at the Adelaide Sports and Fitness Expo

Don’t forget that all participants will require mouthguards and groin protectors, and preferably have their own gloves and shinpads. All coloured belts should have these for safety reasons. They are available from the Martial Arts Shop for approximately the following prices:

  • Gloves: $10
  • Shin pads: $17 – 20
  • Mouthguard: $5
  • Groin guard: $11-15

Yagai geiko

Unfortunately Sunday 26th April will be our last Sunday morning class for a while, as we have big events for the next few Sundays.

Kudo gear

Kudo NHG mask

Kudo NHG mask

I am now the national supplier for Kudo gear. We currently have some large and extra large NHG helmets and gloves for sale. Once these are sold we will order other sizes.

Please don’t bring cash or pay into my bank account. Please pay into the following account, and email evidence of payment to Please check availability before paying.

Pay to:
Kinetic Fighting P/L
BSB: 032 152
Account: 220826


  • NHG Masks $250
  • Kudo gloves $30
  • Kudo gi $100
  • Kudo wraps $10 (not currently in stock)


I am in the process of having some Sobukan hoodies made. Rather than go through Cafepress, I have bought some quality hoodies and am having our club kanji embroidered on. These will be a little more expensive than Cafepress at around $100, but I have high expectations for a great product. I hope to have them within days!


Do you know what to say during the bows in class? This has to be one of the more common Japanese questions I get. Please find the proper etiquette and translations below.

Before class
正面に礼 Shomen ni rei Bow to the front
先生に礼 Sensei ni rei Bow to the instructor
お願いします Onegaishimasu Please
お互いに礼 Otagai ni rei Bow to each other
お願いします Onegaishimasu Please
After class
正面に礼 Shomen ni rei Bow to the front
先生に礼 Sensei ni rei Bow to the instructor
ありがとうございました Arigatou gozaimashita Thank you
お互いに礼 Otagai ni rei Bow to each other
お疲れ様でした Otsukaresama deshita Well done / you must be tired
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