October news

Greetings 挨拶

Welcome to new students Michael, Charlie, James and Georgios! As we head into the third year of Sobukan training, our methods continue to evolve, but the goal remains the same: to provide fun, safe training in order to make your life happier, healthier and safer. Everyone has their own purpose for training, some love the karate drills and kata, a select few enjoy the traditional jujutsu and others love to spar and grapple. Some (like me) just love it all!

My vision of the first Sobukan black belts is that you will have few weaknesses: you will be able to hold your own with professional kickboxers, survive against high-level grapplers, and stay on your feet against good judoka or wrestlers. Up until this milestone, you will develop a strong foundation in all fighting ranges – enough to keep the fight in your preferred range. Your tool box will contain the techniques and tactics to deal with a wide range of the challenges that life presents. You will have ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ options to contain violent situations. You will be a competent grappler and a proficient striker. As our training is directed more towards self-defence than competitive fighting, my goal is to provide you the tools to be proficient enough at the throwing and grappling ranges to keep the fight standing, where you will be able to bang on with the best! By black belt you will have a strong base and can then focus on specialisation. Your black belt will be akin to a bachelor degree. After obtaining this, you should choose a thesis topic for your research work. You may decide to pursue elite striking, throwing, trapping, grappling, weaponry, arresting skill and knowledge – the choice is yours!

IMG_3941 - コピー2 year anniversary – Sat 5 October  2周年記念日

Thank you all for your support over the past 2 years. This month we will celebrate the second anniversary of Sobukan, and October marks one year since we moved to our current dojo in Clarence Gardens. To celebrate, let’s gather on Saturday 5th October around 1pm at Himeji Gardens (near the corner of Hutt St on South Tce in the city) for a relaxing picnic and a chat and a bit of light training in the Japanese gardens. This will give us plenty of time after Saturday Jujutsu to collect our families and get ready. There will be awards for junior students who have put in extraordinary effort.

Hanshi seminar 16/17 November                                                                                                                             

The world’s most foremost Karate researcher and historian, and the head of IRKRS and Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu, Hanshi Patrick McCarthy will be visiting SA on November 16 and 17! Shawn Donaldson (Denshinkan) and Sobukan will host Hanshi McCarthy for the weekend of training. Hanshi is widely recognised as the world’s leading expert in kata and related karate practices. He is responsible for developing approximately half of the drills in our syllabus! This is a rare chance to train with the best, please do whatever you can to ensure you will be there!! More information to follow soon.  http://www.koryu-uchinadi.com/index1.html

Grading 2 December(?) 昇級試験

Rather than the usual Saturday, how does a Monday grading, perhaps December 2, sound?

November classes will focus on grading criteria, but please take control of your learning and ensure you enquire about any part of your syllabus that you are not confident with.

Rather than aim for perfection before testing for your next belt, I would much prefer that you challenge yourself – never fear failure! With your new belt, you will still have plenty of opportunity to continue to develop the more basic drills (everyone does tegumi!), but passing the test unlocks the next level of learning. Learning is never linear. You start with a steep learning curve that will naturally plateau. Our syllabus (and regular gradings) ensures that your learning pattern will be a succession of small steep curves rather than one long line. I strongly believe that this assists development, motivation and momentum.

Demonstration – OzAsia Moon Lantern Festival 演武

After grizzling about the ridiculous demonstration time of 3:40pm on a Thursday afternoon, it seems that it was the perfect time after all! Right after we finished our demonstration, it started pouring and the festival had to be cancelled! We only had a handful of spectators, many known to us, and we were demonstrating on a wet slippery slope, but all went well. Thank you to Raghu and Daniel Headland for spending so much time outside of class preparing for the demonstration. Thank you also to Shawn Donaldson sensei and Umehara sensei for participating. We demonstrated some tegumi, quadrant drill, Kamae waza (kata) and its two person application, Hakkoryu Jujutsu, and we finished off with a humorous skit that had Raghu and Daniel flying all over the place. Thank you also to the Purvis family (Jo filmed the skit and put it on facebook) and Julie coming and watching.

Upcoming competitions 空手大会

AMAA (Karate)

The next AMAA competition is scheduled for 20 October, and includes events such as kata, complete sparring (striking to body, throws and grappling), triple event (one round each of striking to body, throws and grappling), and contact and non-contact sparring. This is now just around the corner! You only have 3 weeks to get your combinations and counters down pat! Good luck!! http://australianmartialartsassociation.com/

Sobukan rash tops 総武館のラッシュトップ

Coinciding with our anniversary, we have just received a delivery of Sobukan rash tops! Sizes are limited (big sizes are plentiful!), but available at the subsidised price of $30. These are a trial, and if they go well we will look into ordering short sleeved rash tops, t-shirts and hoodies.

Kotowaza 諺

一期一会 Ichigo ichie

Roughly translated as ‘one chance in a lifetime’, this Japanese expression encourages the listener to make the most of every opportunity that life presents. Never miss an opportunity. Live each moment to the fullest.

Technical lesson 技の紹介Iphone 001

The first punch in most combinations is the jab punch. The jab punch is used most commonly due to its speed. The front hand is closest to the target, and what the jab lacks in power, it makes up for in speed. It is used to gauge and control distance, and set up more powerful attacks.

From your standard kamae (see last lesson), explode off the balls of your rear foot, and slide forward with the front leg. If you are entering into a combination, ensure that your rear foot also slides forward to Iphone 006maintain your optimum stance. If finishing with the jab, push back off the front leg to exit the danger zone to a safe distance.

While entering punching distance, extend your front hand quickly, powering it from the elbow and ensure that the elbow does not flare outwards. Clench your fist just before making impact. The shoulder will roll slightly to cover the jaw, which should be tucked into the chest. Make contact with the front two knuckles on the opponent’s nose or throat, or alternatively extend the fingers to the eyes. Immediately retract the hand back to kamae.

Very important is the non-punching hand, which is responsible for coIphone 011vering the vulnerable side of your face. Depending on the distance, your opponent and your own fighting style, you may choose to hold your hand open or closed in front of your face or beside your jaw, or hold your head with your fingertips (see pictures). The former hand position is most effective at long range, and the grabbing the head is best in close.

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